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We Gotta Laugh Or Cry Or Eat

on August 9, 2016

After a day’s work….agog from all that brain bashing at work…I am wondering what hit me?

Mum saw this gigantic “bao” or we say pork bun. 

Truly, mum is like me…fascinated by odd things! Ha! No wonder I am odd or maybe peculiar ha ha!

We buy things as it is novel or in this case edible.

Measuring 9 inches in diameter or approximately 23cm, it was to me a Chinese Whopper bun or Mother of all Baos😉

To give a spatial or size comparison, I put two normal sized buns we get from dim sum shops.

I steamed half of it and it was nicely filled with tasty pork stewed in its gravy and a hard boiled egg.

Well…laugh, cry or eat? I did all three…😊


6 responses to “We Gotta Laugh Or Cry Or Eat

  1. Hoping tears of laughter…that bun is MASSIVE!!

  2. The V Pub says:

    Oh my! I had mistaken it for something entirely different. 😉

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