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And So The Story Goes #34

on August 11, 2016


As if like a bewitching fairy tale, Mr Ex is indeed like a wart on my toe. Ok ok..I will be nice – perhaps like a beacon of light from a lighthouse during a stormy sea.

Except that my stormy sea is the choppy waters of the churlish occupation of Electrical Lord and the flimsy rubber dinghy is yours truly.

Or I am jumping from the fryer into the fire?

Mr Ex is a businessman. In business sounding jargon, an entrepreneur who is shrewd and savvy, else how could he survive being who he is in the societal world.

So, after lunch, our text messaging went and this is how the story goes…


“You get $XXXX and you get to clean backsides. Don’t rejoice just yet as the backsides are smelly and dirty. At night you study the course I ask you to study as part of my scholarship. Bonded 5 years to clean backside”


His obsession with backsides is clearly something I do not understand. Euphemism for something only he knows is my view!

Further his offer of $XXXX is a mere fraction of what I am worth.



“Sorry late reply as busy at work till now. $XXXXXX a month odd job plus study your course. Sounds like I have to be a trainer of sorts. Hmm 5 years bondage. I am shackled!

Hmm…you better give me a JD”


I could only reply him at near midnight as I was busy with work. He could be another version of Electrical Lord. I saw self in chains, slaving for a new ogre! From the frying pan into the fire as they say…perhaps?


“What’s JD?”


“Job Description – to be safe, I better know what I am going in for, if I were to work for you”


“Work hard. Save Money. If possible make money”

I went silent……hmmmmm


5 responses to “And So The Story Goes #34

  1. The V Pub says:

    Very interesting! As long as it’s his backside that you don’t have to clean. 😉

  2. Neethu says:

    Ha ha ha backside obsession again…😂😂

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