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Sunday….Day Before Monday

on August 21, 2016

All working people….look out, Monday is in the horizon…aaarrgh!

Since I am on a perpetual Ferris Wheel ride and things around me are spinning….I can only generate laughter lying down.

I pondered on the good God,

Hmm….HE must be having FUN!

Meanwhile for couples married or a wooing, either don’t get in the way or don’t make wishes without thinking…

*apologies for the use of the *B word…I now gotta wash mouth with soap ha ha…

Happy Sunday folks and I might be paying a visit to White Coat again and hopefully not incarcerated in Bates Motel again to be prodded and poked at again.


6 responses to “Sunday….Day Before Monday

  1. Sister Madly says:

    If only I looked that happy when dealing with… well, people…

    So hoping that you’re not checking into the Bates Motel (Norman can be weird, after all… and then there is those giant mosquitoes!)

    We are all here for you! ;c)

  2. scifihammy says:

    Aw, sorry to hear your world is still spinning – Hope you feel better soon.
    But thanks for the Sunday laughs šŸ™‚

  3. Lol! Have what’s left of a nice Sunday!

  4. So funny…like the fairy one! I really hope you’re feeling better soon, being ill is rubbish. Take care and enjoy Sunday x

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