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Lil Red Dot’s Potentially “Futureless” Kids 

on September 2, 2016

There has been a lot of write ups in our national paper, The Straits Times, on “helicopter parents” and “fragility” of our children.

Parents in little red dot hovers above aerially over their children clearing away potential hazards, disputes or anything such that these children are shielded from any form of stress, pain or set backs.

This reminds me of the saying “namby pamdy” kids or children that are so sheltered that they cannot face any adversity on their own.

In the old days, children fight to exist as they work as they study given the adverse economic circumstances they faced.

There was no parent to stand in for their fights and they end up bruised or with a shiner and learnt life’s valuable lessons.

But hey they acquire “street smarts” mentality. 

They are survivors and can survive.

Some become great entrepreneurs, overcoming the odds to succeed as they claw selves up.

Mr EX is one example.

He shared that his father was a truck driver who later went on to be a cabbie and his mum is a samsui woman.

Samsui woman is one who wears a red bandana on her head and does manual labor at construction sites by carrying bricks or construction material to the builders.

They are icons of tough women in lil red dot in the early 1950s I think.

Born as one of 8 children and impoverished, he roamed the streets after school (*he was the only child that the father put him through school) seeking toys out of stones, twigs, empty cans or pieces of wood.

Today, he successfully clawed his way up to be a prominent bigwig locally. Except he has a “backside obsession” 🤔🤔which makes me wonder if any relation to his growing up years?!🙄😲

He bemoans the fact that his own children are unable to fend for selves today.

Most parents do not see this till it is too late and he is but one of thousands.

I told him that he has self to blame as children are innocent….they grow in the way nutured or developed.

Sadly our future generation is not resilent and will “melt” under the heat of life.

My nephew is also another example. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth he drives a luxury car as a college kid and not an old jalopy!!

This is the struggle we face as life’s reality.

Prosperity and education have created a soft generation. 

Whereas, a poorer and less well off overcomes adversity to triumph in life.

This is indeed food for thought and hopefully a guiding rule for parents to stop overprotecting their young.

Let them grow.

Let them develop.

Let them become useful citizens of lil red dot.


2 responses to “Lil Red Dot’s Potentially “Futureless” Kids 

  1. scifihammy says:

    So true! Kids do need to face knocks and setbacks in life so they can learn how to overcome them, and be stronger for it.

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