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My Memoirs #1 – Introduction

on September 2, 2016

Corny sounding title for this post but I figured why not, if it will add humor to your lives and take me out of my lemony situation or boredom since I am on hospitalization leave.

If no one reads this, then I will slam dunk and close this series, instead of rambling on. But I hope you do read this and enjoy it….If only you can see my puppy dog eyes pleading LOL!


(*Photo image credit to Pinterest from internet)

Many have asked me who am I?

Gee…I really do not know. I am a female who loves Garfield, the inanimate furball creation of Jim Davis.

I grew up in lil red dot and am a stoic Singapore citizen. Yes, I am one of those goody two shoes citizen who applauds ban of chewing gum, embrace all the campaigns that the government rolls out for courtesy, brush your teeth etc


*Photo image credit from internet – MOE Heritage Center


*Photo image credit from Courtesy Campaign in 1970s & 1980s

We are the most “campaigned” society in the world as our government wants us as good lil boys and girls – LOL! I ain’t complaining as I do not wake up to see graffiti or dirt everywhere.

We are “sterile” – yup those who know of my “And So The Story Goes” series, will know that Mr EX classifies me as a lass who lives in a “sterile bubble” – he feels that whilst I am shielded from bacteria (*health reasons), I am also not seeing the ugliness of the world he has seen.

I hate crowds. Crowds mean germs – such as flu bugs etc and it takes a toll on me so I prefer to be in more private settings, far from the maddening crowd as they say!

Mr EX lives a different lifestyle than mine. He is a rough tough kid who grew up under tough circumstances, whilst I grew up in a surrounding that was not starving.

He gels with the crowd and can squeeze amongst people eating at communal eating places.

He does not need to wash hands before eating as he claims this enhances immunity! GAWD!! If only you can see my  mortified looks LOL!

I have lived in different parts of the world – USA, Eugene Oregon for a good 3 years for my undergraduate studies. I love the Douglas Fir trees and open spaces. Wizard Lake, Florence, Coos Bay….beautiful!

Hong Kong was where I worked and lived for a couple of years and embraced the Cantonese language and culture. Interesting how people rush about in The Fragrant Harbor (* literal translation of Hong Kong) – I was immersed overnight into a hustling and bustling city that gave me severe culture shock!

I learnt of “ying yang” – a unique coffee and tea mix for a morning cuppa.

I am not exactly stupid, neither am I exactly brilliant. Oh….don’t get me started on brilliant minds. I ain’t no Einstein and I am certainly not Dufus.

I am what you can say, intelligently duh! Some say, not really that intelligent else how in the world did I pick a lord like Electrical Lord! Sigh…

I know some things, not all things.

My million dollar question to self…who am I?

Hmm…I am clueless really.

Last time I checked, I am not an alien, thankfully human.

I seem to have a brain (*recent MRI proved this) and limbs and body parts intact. Though some parts do not seem to be working too well, especially those darn bones.

I also checked my bank account and hmm…I am also not a gazillionaire, much less a millionaire!

I am a minion. Like many others, I slave for a living. I carry tools such as a ball point pen (*cheap ones like Stabilo as these write better than the fanciful ones ha ha. I had a boyfriend once who felt that I needed to sign 5 figure contracts with a nice pen and bought me a Mont Blanc).

Little did this rich man boy realize, south paws handle pens in a different way and no amount of $350 pen will write well for me. I use a $0.90 pen and the ink flows well πŸ˜‰

So much for being dressed for success as they say!

Ohhh don’t get me started here. I abhor power suits!

I am one of those who would feel constricted in a power suit.

As a woman, I dress for comfort. After all, it is brain and output that counts.

Mr EX applauds my confidence as he says that I am the only one woman he knew of who would meet Dukes and Duchesses with my simple garb of tailored trousers and a simple blouse for “formal” wear and smart casual as Jeans and a Garfield T shirt. HA! I epitomize and set the standard for my own wear!

Mr EX loves his power suits as the biggest argument we have is “one must dress for success” – My retort is, I dress the way I am but my pocket is lined with cash. I owe none and have fresh funds.

Soon after he “lost” his jacket, shortly after his tie and then he ended up wearing a white shirt open neck. AAAAHHH I have influenced and it sank home in his itty bitty brain.

I believe success begins in the mind. Somebody once said, “I think, therefore I am” – perhaps Descartes? Cogito ergo sum as said in Latin!

I stand to be corrected here on this quote.

Anyway, I love comfy clothes and refuse to be shrink wrapped like a bagel or a sandwich.

Thus ends #1 of my memoirs and if this works, I may continue on once in a while.




7 responses to “My Memoirs #1 – Introduction

  1. I thought it was interesting! I enjoyed reading more about you-I dress for comfort lol- and I always find the information about Singapore interesting too! I’d read more…: )x

  2. Enjoyed this – more please!

  3. Dear Garfield, this is soooo awesomeee the ‘Memoirs Series’. Luv the way you’ve penned it. Please do do continue these series.

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