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Chef William Soh – Travelling Chef

on September 14, 2016

I met Chef William online as professionals.

I interviewed him and found him pleasant and talented.

Unlike most chefs who have large as life egos, he is softspoken and had that quiet kindness in him.

Chef William is currently a celebrity Chef, quite like famed Jaime Oliver except that he specialises in Chinese banquet cuisine.

He is currently in China meeting with the 8 great chefs of China and showed me his culinary creations.

Above: Chef William Soh

Below: Chef William Soh and the 8 Great Chefs of China

He recently shared with me another event he graced as Celebrity Chef in Chansha China.

Below: Laksa Prawn Noodles

Below: Sambal Prawns

Below: Steamed Garoupa with chilli paste

Below: Curry Mackerel

Below: Display of dishes

All photos in this post are courtesy of Chef William Soh


One response to “Chef William Soh – Travelling Chef

  1. Wonderful-his dishes look amazing!

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