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Little To Do But Make Lemonade

on September 25, 2016

Today’s newspapers delivered more doom and gloom for the job seeker. It seems we have more job seekers than job opportunities. Sigh….

Hmm, so it will be a long wait before I can find alternative employment.

I suppose my great Electrical Lord (EL) is aware of this and so, he feels he is empowered to continually verbally abuse me and do what he wills. It would seem he has a God given right to abuse people.

There are many kinds of employers out there. I am sure there is a kind one or should I say a reasonable one that mutually respects the minion and trusts the minion. But this is rare and during my lifetime, my previous Scorpion King was 50% bad when compared to EL.

Scorpion King delves into the occult and often wants “funny ways” of doing things that is not compliant to rules and procedures. I was not going to martyr self for his “funny money” methods.

EL has a chequered past. I was told he used to be a gang member and did illegal loan sharking, beating people up for not paying.

Being uneducated and using his fists to resolve things would be his forte.

Our colleagues often whispered that his lordship suffered from severe inferiority complex and his continuous harassment and beration of the educated ones gave him the satisfaction that he thinks heย owns us, physically and mentally.

I feel he could be a lonely man, using his “lavish” throwing of donations to certain societies to secure his place in the food chain, we call status.

I remember Mr Money Bags suffering the humiliation as I am suffering now at the 3 year mark. He belittled him and announced his salary to everyone in the office.

Yes, with this Evil Lord, there is no such thing as HR confidentiality. His lips would let hurl how much you earn to anyone and he feels trust only from one person – another uneducated and poor social skills woman called Tripod.

I try to understand EL.

A day’s job for me can go like this:

6.45am in the office, reading and clearing emails

7.15am sieving through 5,000 emails for applicants and arranging for interviews

8.30am visits from colleagues for their issues and problems

9.30am interviews with potential candidates

11am visits from colleagues for their issues and problems

12pm stand by for sermons from EL, typically this ends at 7pm if lucky and if unlucky, 9pm

I waste 9 hours a day to hear his verbal abuse and grand tales.

Technically he is the pay master and I am told by colleagues, he has paid for our verbal abuse.

Sigh….I thought slavery was abolished long ago but not really folks – it really exists in my work universe.

Lemonade anyone? I could add sugar for you if you like, but I would warn you, too much sugar is bad for health ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Sunday folks….



15 responses to “Little To Do But Make Lemonade

  1. Something will turn up, but it has to be right for you..EL sounds as if he is very insecure but that shouldn’t affect the way he treats others…don’t give up : ) x

  2. When the monkey rules we must dance before him … an old saying that seems to fit. Another is, hell is other people, Sartre I think.

  3. scifihammy says:

    I understand you have to stay with EL until you find another position and it is really really hard. But don’t despair. Even if job opportunities are scarce, it might be more so in unskilled positions than in yours? It took my daughter 9 months to find a job in UK, with many many fruitless interviews. You just have to keep a look out for any vacancies and apply to them all and Never Give Up! Good Luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Neethu says:

    Seriously ??!!!half your day goes in listening to nonsense lectures..I would go deaf by now I guess…hope all works out well..stay positive..something good will definitely come up..till then let the inner peace do it’s work an keep you sane to face the evil guy๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

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