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How This Week Will Look Like For Me

on September 26, 2016

This week will make me look bedraggled like this fella! Ha! Flustered and stressed to the nth level no doubt!

It is only Monday but my appointments are lined up all the way to the weekend.

EL will crucify some minions tomorrow and it is off to the coppers that I must.

In my lil red dot, we are advocating a car lite way of transportation.

Hmm…I wonder how the villians will be transported for their crimes.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow really as sermon with EL will last easily 8 hours starting from 1pm and dinner will be non existent.

Then it is off to the cops! 

Is EL a forgiving man? Nope! 

He wants to catch and incarcerate all who are seen taking liberties from him. Even suspects are guilty…it seems he practises Italian law …guilty till proven innocent.

Be it a screwdriver, damaged copper pipes and or other tools, it is off to the jailor if he sniffs a scent of anyone pocketing a screw or any tool or waste material.

So it will be a long arduous week….cops and robbers….loads of sermons and interviews to replace those arrested or not(?)


4 responses to “How This Week Will Look Like For Me

  1. The V Pub says:

    Kill minions? Ouch! He seems unreasonable!

  2. The week will come…the week will go. Walk away from it knowing your IMPACT made a difference! Make it a good one, regardless! 🙂

  3. Stay strong and positive 🙂

  4. scifihammy says:

    Sounds like it’s gonna be a tough week, but I agree with Dr Jon above. 🙂 Be strong 🙂

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