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How I Feel….

on September 30, 2016

Fact is, I lost this feeling with Electrical Lord. 

These days I blank out and pretend I do not know any answer.

I feel better if he thinks I am an idiot. This way, when he humiliates me in front of everyone, everyone will believe I am stupid.

Better to be thought of as stupid and remain intelligent silently.

I thought I would have another job interview this Saturday.

Sadly it did not happen. I will remain hopeful as I thought I survived round one on Wednesday.

*praying to all deities and any forces that will aid my quest for a job is my silent wish…..if only the oracles will tell me my chances! 😉

Now where is my darn rabbit’s foot…..I thought it was under my lucky hat…hmm…..Garrrrrfield…..spit it out!!! LOL!!


10 responses to “How I Feel….

  1. The V Pub says:

    The oracle at Delphi has been notified, but I feel strongly that you will not need them.

  2. scifihammy says:

    Just gotta keep at it and be more stubborn than the job market!
    Sending very positive sunbeams your way and here’s to a better job just over the horizon! 🙂

  3. ulli says:

    Stay confident, GH. You’ll find another job!
    Best wishes

  4. Neethu says:

    Ahh silence is best in case of the evil EL..stay positive…something good will turn up soon..till then enjoy your weekend away from the evil one..🍫🍫🍫

  5. Stay positive, crossing fingers and everything-cats’ paws too so something good will happen for you x

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