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on October 2, 2016

Mr Part Time Help age 33 years old hails from Bangladesh.

He has been helping me out with chores for the last few years such as cleaning my pigeon hole and washing my car.

Living in the rural, he makes up a headcount of those who are poor and decided to leave his home in Bangladesh in search of bigger dollars to remit home and support his mother, new wife and siblings.

As the sole breadwinner, he lost his father when he was 3 years old and he never the opportunity to attend school as his mum had to fend for survival to take care of his brothers and sisters.

Finally with the family living in a zinc roofed hut, he recently took a match made bride aged 18 years 2 years ago. Throughout the 2 years he only saw his wife less than 3 months in total.

Mr Part Time has lived and worked in lil red dot for 6 years now and he is trying to start a family.

I could see the twinkle in his eye as he happily told me that his wife was visiting him in lil red dot today and that her flight would touch down in lil red dot at 1pm. He shared that he bought new clothes to change into and greet her at the airport.

I was happy to get up at 7am this morning to wait for his part time help. I knew he would be in a rush and immediately last evening rolled up sleeves to wash my own car to help him. This way, I shortened his required hours to work at my place.

Big mistake though as today, my spine is screaming “murder of the spine” as I hurt.

I am a serious car washer LOL! I literally use a toothbrush to get into the crevices of the steel sports rim ha ha! To me it is therapeutic but it is tough on the spine.

Like him, I have lived abroad too and knew the feeling of what it was like to anticipate the arrival of a loved one.

He was cheerful and told me that his wife could only bring some shallots or small onions and garlic bulbs as gifts for me as she is not strong and cannot carry too many things. He often shared with me that the grade and quality of small onions and garlic I bought from supermarkets were of “inferior” quality than those of Bangladesh as it is grown there.

The ones I buy from the supermarket are imported from China.

His love for his match made bride is touching. He gave her respect and love – this is pivotal and though he is uneducated, he knows the basic principle of love.

In listening in on EL’s sermons or berations at work that last more than 6 hours, he would boast to us of how his wife “served” him. The image he shared of his wife is one like a subservient maid.

He bragged of how children of his are protected and not necessary to protect his wife because if his wife died, he can find another – but not children as they have his DNA.

I was appalled with his description of “love” for his wife. How she has to place his wallet, car keys and things he would need for going out. I once remembered how EL scolded me for not “behaving” like his wife – he thought I was like his maid

On Friday evening he shared in his sermons of how “stupid and idiotic” his Filipina maid was. Simply put, his children were not served cut fruits and his fruits all rotted in the fridge!

To me, this showed how spoilt and pampered the entire family was, children included – suddenly everyone in the household lost their limbs such that they cannot walk to the fridge and wash, cut their own fruits for self consumption?

If one wants to eat fruits, just go help selves isn’t it? Why blame the maid for not anticipating when one would like to have fruits?!

EL is uneducated too but slightly more educated than Mr Part Time Help as EL studied 9  years of formal school but only paid attention from Primary 5 onwards and could only recite the alphabets at age 11.

Comparatively speaking, EL pales beyond comparison to uneducated Mr Part Time Help as the latter has empathy, love and respect for others.

EL is selfish, evil and does things that only benefit himself and not others. His lavish donations are often related to us in his sermons and how he uses donations to “buy respect and stature”

I learnt an invaluable lesson from Mr Part Time Help – responsibility, love, respect for people. It does not take education to teach us but the innate kindness or respect from within.

I wish both Mr & Mrs Part Time Help an enjoyable reunion in lil red dot and may they conceive the child they do desperately want as a member of their family.

As for EL, my deepest condolences and sympathies to his wife as she is nothing more than the incubator of the fruits of his loins, his caregiver, chauffeur, laundry lady and household manager. I hope she is happy.


13 responses to “Heartwarming

  1. Mr PT sounds dedicated and know what I think about EL…his wife must be happy to sacrifice self respect for a comfortable life though. Interesting post :)x

  2. scifihammy says:

    Education is not everything, tho it certainly would have helped Mr PTH get a better job. He sounds like a decent person tho – so unlike EL!

  3. Neethu says:

    Respect to Mr.Part time help and pray that EL rots in hell like his fruits… treating all including his wife soooo badly๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

  4. “Real people” experience a better quality of life. It’s harder, but requires greater experience and understanding that encourages appreciation for what we have. People like EL are never really happy. So much of their life is lived in anger and resentment.

  5. Revealing comparison!

  6. ulli says:

    That’s the difference between school-education and heart-education ๐ŸŒž
    Best wishes

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