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My Adventure Begins At 9pm

on October 6, 2016

Tonight is an adventure as I met with Ms Interviewer’s helper who hails from Japan.

At about 7pm, I got a call from Ms Japan that Ms Interviewer was delayed and possibly, she may postpone.

I could not let that happen as delays meant the other candidate stands a better chance.

Instead I text back to say that I was already on my way, which was true.

I saw the landscape plans of the future of this establishment as Ms Japan narrated their intent and building plans.

It looked exciting and different than what I am currently doing.

Mine with Electrical Lord is a career in dollars or big bucks. 

The more the merrier and the lesser, the more hell I will get. 

It was all about commercialism and profits of unreasonable proportions by minions.

This was refreshing and new….it is about business in a new perspective.

As my scheduled interview was postponed from 8.30pm to 9.15pm, I was told to go to a “canteen” to buy or have dinner.

I had an hour and a half to kill and followed her instructions along the yellow brick road.

It led me to Popeyes, a Louisana fast food chain.

Cajun fish, a side of cajun fries and a hot tea.

At least I have a place to sit and wait after a ten minute walk.

I could not sit in the office as it was an open concept and the other candidate would be interviewed.

As I sit and wait, I decided to do a post to keep my nails intact else I would be all nervy.

The more I want something, the more nervous I get it seems.

In 40 minutes, it will be my turn.

I really hope it turns out well for me as I find it a challenge to continue and work with EL as his sarcasm and rudeness down to the point of poking at my character is unfair.😒

If I ever get to be a lord, I must never be like EL.

Soon….I will know if I made it to round three!


19 responses to “My Adventure Begins At 9pm

  1. I am thinking positive…that you will get the job!

  2. The V Pub says:

    Best of luck! I’ll be thinking of you (and Popeyes – love that). You can and will do it!

  3. Thinking positive sending positive vibes doing a little dance of hope and fingers crossed :)x

  4. scifihammy says:

    I agree – much better to still have the interview today rather than postpone.
    Hoping all is going well. Sending positive thoughts your way πŸ™‚

  5. Fingers crossed for you

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