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And So The Story Goes #42

on October 8, 2016

I have not connected with Mr Ex in a few weeks as he has been on the trail of money around the world.

But when the recent job interview happened on Thursday and I saw his name listed on this company as a “fellow” of sorts, I texted him as part of my due diligence or spy network.


“I put you down as character referree.”


I did not state the name of the Company.


“I will tell them how good you are except for the backside which you don’t wash clean😆”


He is, as always, poking me about my touche! Grr!


” I just interviewed at X Company.”


“Head Honcho of the place asked me after interviewing the previous candidate.”


I did see a matured gent walking out of the office. How not to, when I was standing out in the hot humid muggy air as I waited for almost two and a half hours and was a donor to the mosquitoes as they did their blood drive at me, an unwilling donor.


“Oh dear, then I may not have made it through 🤔”


“You may not be happy there as many in this position do not stay long. Head Honcho is not an easy person to work with. 


“I don’t think anyone can be as evil and wicked as my EL. 

EL is rude, personally attacks and rips me of any integrity and defames me to the point that I am reduced to a useless humanoid without any pride. 

I am worst than his personal slave to be stabbed, ridiculed as he deems fit!

So, Head Honcho may be better comparative to EL.”


Mr Ex tried calling me but because of work and my unending 6 hour sessions of sermons in EL’s room, we have been playing phone tag. He keeps trying though.


“Do you want me to fight for you? Think carefully before I pick up the phone and speak to Head Honcho”

Meanwhile….we continue playing phone tag…as I ponder🤔

I wonder what lies for me ahead.

Will I be offered a position?

Is Mr Ex “protecting” me?

Or is he dissuading me for personal reasons in case I learn more of his darkness as he is a “fellow” there?

Kindness or ulterior motive?

I have not been offered anything and so, I might have time to leave it till I am shortlisted for candidacy to decide then.

And so the story goes….


8 responses to “And So The Story Goes #42

  1. I hope you find something out soon…EL is just a demon…positive positive all the way : ) : ) x

  2. scifihammy says:

    The waiting is always the worst. As to Mr Ex’s motives – I don’t know. This new company’s Head Honcho may be bad – but I doubt he could be as bad as EL?
    Keep trying! 🙂

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Fully agree as I share the same rationale. I doubt anyone can be as bad as EL. I will wait. If an offer materialises then I will fish for more info. For now, I will keep trying. Thanks Sci for sharing your views. It is deeply appreciated as always 😙

  3. Wishing you 🙂 rather than 😦

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