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Late Night Meeting

on October 12, 2016

I am in between meetings and decided to take a breather by sneaking in a post.

My job search elicited a call from a rather large conglomerate based in the USA. 

They have regional offices in Asia and one of them is in my lil red dot.

It was a pleasant half hour phone interview, learning about this potential lord who deals in drugs! 

LOL! Drug Lord but ha ha not heroin or opiates but medicinal purposes.

Tonight’s meeting is a fun one as it is where I volunteer.

Catching up with fellow volunteers is always good as it gives me an opportunity to know or remind self that there is a world outside of my workplace.

My lil red dot is gearing up for an economic recession and so, there will be many that are going to be out of a job.

Most economies are going towards a downturn and with the hotly watched USA elections, lil red dot is also like a cat on a hot tin roof….wondering how this will pan out.

Asia will suffer with either of the 2 characters – the difference is, how wide the gap will be?

I do feel for Americans as this must be the most difficult election for voters to go through.

Our Prime Minister and President are working hard.

PM Lee was in India, driving trade relations whilst President Tony Tan is in Norway, being hosted by the King of Norway.

Thank goodness they are actively marketing our lil red dot as we lose industries who relocate out of our country.

Banks are retrenching. Professional middle managers are losing jobs and many have turned to Grab car drivers or Uber drivers to make ends meet.

It is hard to find jobs. Graduates cannot land jobs and have been advised not to be choosy in a vocation.

So I have to be grateful that I have a job yet am seeking alternative employment. 

I remain hopeful. 

Have a lovely evening as I plod through the night 😉


4 responses to “Late Night Meeting

  1. Edward Tan says:

    Sorry for my ignorance, but what’s a “lil red dot”?

    • Garfield Hug says:

      “Lil red dot” is a nickname for Simgapore. It was a snide remark from a former Indonesian Prime Minister to belittle our size but ha ha his creativity made us famous as we made a great positive out of a negative!😉😁

  2. Difficult times for all, my friend, but I can only hope something positive will pop up for you :)x

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