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Great Kiwi Java

on October 13, 2016

It has been some months since I returned from New Zealand or I fondly call, the land of Kiwis.

I miss the vast seascapes, landscapes, flora and fauna of the land. 

Yes…when I was there, I bought lots of stuff..edible stuff with long shelf life so that I could slowly treat self to.

As I cannot carry heavy stuff, I bought coffee in packets as well as the infamous Arnotts brand of biscuits as well as 2 slabs of Whitakers dark chocolate..72% cocoa!

Last Sunday I started on Gregg’s rich roast. I was a bit apprehensive if I bought coffee powder instead of instant coffee.

The English used was different as it said “granulated rich roast” and I wondered if I bought coffee grinds. Aaargh…I have no coffee percolator and visions of me trying to strain the coffee grinds was not joyful.

Thankfully when I opened it and scooped a heaped teaspoon of it and poured hot water, it dissolved instantly!

Though it is not gold roast, it gave a great coffee aroma and dark strong roast taste.

Thumbs up!!

Once Gregg’s is fully consumed, I will embark on Jed’s #4….strong it says!!

Freeze dried instant coffee…ha ha..I think Jed’s will out taste Gregg’s.

Anyway, I have given my order to my sister to restock for me when she next visits.

Good coffee is easily available in lil red dot but I am one of those who feels that coffee freshly bought from Australia or New Zealand must taste better😉

Hmm if I am ever in Colombia….aaah…the coffee there must be superb….ha ha!

But I must dodge the Colombian Lords 😉


9 responses to “Great Kiwi Java

  1. The V Pub says:

    I love coffee – I can’t start the day without a cup. I use a company called “the coffee fool”. they have different roasts for coffee from all over the world.

  2. Am not a coffee person but kenya has very aromatic coffee. You must visit nairobi. Welcome.

  3. ulli says:

    Shower and coffee – my start in a new day 🙂

  4. I used to work in a coffee shop…smelled lovely, tasted it once…vile! Sorry, I’m a confirmed tea drinker!

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