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And So The Story Goes #43

on October 16, 2016


Mr EX has been helping me with the job application at Dragon Lady.

He has been singing my praises to her but warned me that she is not the best kind to work with.

Mr EX knows Dragon Lady well and dissuades me from working with her.

But I told him to support me and he kindly did.


“I put up a strong recommendation for you. Stuck my backside for you. Clean yours. Class now”


Mr EX is a successful motivational speaker and is often speaking in front of people…or rather, I call it “jumping up and down rah rahhing!


“Thank you! Please do not close this door for me okay. I know you said she is not the best person to work with but at least let me meet her and decide for self.”


“She wants you to run a fund raising dinner to observe you. Her salary proposal is on the lower end.”




“She needs to employ somebody but there are many downsides as I mentioned.”


“I hear you. I am waiting now for my interview with her. I do not know what morrow brings!”


“Worst case, I’ll buy back your backside and use washing machine to clean it!”

MR EX is assuring me that he would be there for me and that he would be my safety net. But aargh he and his backside obsession!!


“Hope all goes well!”

And so the story goes as I went into my 2nd interview last Friday.

P.S. I think Mr Ex still cares for me, either that, or he is dating Dragon Lady or both. Lol! 

For the life of me….I wonder why he always mention my backside🤔🤔….


6 responses to “And So The Story Goes #43

  1. Oh no! How did I miss you?! The WP app on my phone has updated and I am not getting notifications…I think I will have to give it a bigger little punch…
    Hoping this went well for you :)x

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