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My 2nd Job Interview

on October 16, 2016

My second interview lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes last minute last Friday.

Fast and furious the answers came.

Dragon Lady grilled me on perspectives to psycho analyze me!

Seriously…if only she knew I was a Garfield hugging sort, she might give me a look of disdain.

Instead, I had to look intelligent and sound intelligent.

We chatted from how I would organise a fund raiser and asked me how much nett profit I would raise. 

My perspective to match her silent perspective of a dollar value she had in mind was a challenge.

Being practical of the slowing economy, I shared my concerns that not many would continue to have deep pockets to donate to her cause.

She did not flinch.

We moved onto reasons why I want to leave Electrical Lord. 

Honestly, I told her that verbal abusive and vulgarities affected me. It lowered and affected my self worth. But I reminded her this sharing was not in anyway to slime EL but merely for the purposes of the interview to share my perspective as to why I am choosing to leave.

Along with her sidekick, she seemed satisfied.

Our chit chat was long drawn and I was stumped when she asked me, “if I was a consultant, how would I handle EL?”

Trick question!

I told her matter of factly that I will not pick EL as a client to begin with. This sort of fee was not worth earning.

She laughed.

Good I thought! I kept her entertained.

It then came to the crunch.




Dragon Lady wanted to pay me lowly. I was only worth 30% of what I am currently worth in her pocket book.

I stated an amount which equated 70% of current earnings and explained that I needed to subsist. 30% sliced off was already hurting me but I factored in my insanity if I stayed on with EL.

Any amount below that would not be viable plus I have to commute 45 kilometres daily as opposed to current 13 kilometres return.

We parted. 

She said she would propose 2 options for my consideration. But I know in my heart it would not be anything more than 30% of current wages.

Here’s to round 3 maybe?

Good grief…this may not materialise as it may end over wages.

Still….we shall see I guess.


11 responses to “My 2nd Job Interview

  1. Good luck Garfield. πŸ€

  2. ulli says:

    You’ll get the new job πŸ˜‰
    Good night, GH

  3. Hmm, careful thinking is needed. Wishing you good luck πŸ™‚ x

  4. Best of luck Garfield!! Its gonna go all fine!! πŸ™‚

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