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Generically Speaking…Story Of NOT My Life

on October 17, 2016

I would love to live this lifestyle but I am not.

At work, there are just so many emails pushed to my account such that it adds to more than 5,000 of them to scour through.

Obviously I cannot finish reading them all and there is always a base of unread 5,000 emails in a day.

Playing catch up is worrying as I worry if I missed some emails or any emails.

This is where I adopted a boss’ attitude towards emails 2 jobs back where his philosophy was to ignore all emails, refrain from replying and if it was important, the sender would re-send it.

This is what I am practising for the last 2 weeks.

On each of the week, the sender resent me their respective requests.

The person who took over my role is a week old and in that week, I saw him getting to know his team mates and me trying to handover stuff.

I feel it in my bones that EL may not like him as he is not gung ho. He wavers in decision making and is not forceful.

EL wants tyrants like him. HR must make minions cower in fright and be the biggest dictator above them.

The new man on the job is a typical HR, kind and listening with practical steps.

I would give anything to sleep late, wake up and surf the internet and go back to bed tired.

It would be luxurious really 😉


9 responses to “Generically Speaking…Story Of NOT My Life

  1. It will happen, you will get a positive break…I keep buying lottery tickets but so far I’ve only won £2.60…

  2. scifihammy says:

    The internet has become a monster. No-one can cope with 5000 emails a day! Good plan tho – that important messages will recur. 🙂

  3. CREATE the life you wish for and it will be yours to live.

  4. Email all addresses asking for future messages to contain a summary in the first line … either that or go on a speed-reading course! 😉

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