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My Memoirs #7 – Dreams

on October 22, 2016

My First Dream

I dreamt of a great job, terrific boss and of course, a great pay cheque that came with it.

In reality, the best I have done is a good job, decent boss and a good pay cheque.

Today, I am at a lousy job, horrible boss and an acceptable pay cheque.

My Second Dream

The perfect beau that I will be married to and like Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale endings, live happily ever after.

I dated a fair bit. To me love is like a smorgasbord of delightful treats.

Each date came and went with the longest being Mr EX.

If he was successful, he was never around.

If he was a docile creature, I made him cower in fear. No equality of sexes, I felt.

If he was an intellect, I became his muse.

If he was a sufferer of inferior complex, I became a victim of having too many friends.

Maybe I like the chase…that is, the stage of being wooed. I am happiest at this stage…love at its apex, never waning.

Today, I am a singleton. Never married. Almost married twice, respectively, to a succesful architect and to a businessman.

Businessman is around but I broke Architect’s heart that saw him moving lot stock and barrel to China.Today, Architect is still single and living the high life.

Architect wooed me in style. He was outlandish and spent $ like chop change. Only Hugo Boss adorned him and other designer togs.

I am a mismatch. I am Bohemian. Spartan or lazy dressing with creature comfort as top priority.

I don’t have a chance of re-evaluating this potential relationship with him.

My Third Dream

I wanted to study in Switzerland and be one of the world’s top chef.

I would have an equivalent ascerbic tongue like my top chef idol, Gordon Ramsay. 

But Simon Cowell and him? I think both will be on par you think for constructive criticism?

There is a difference to dreaming to be a chef and realising it. 

I caved and went on the traditional college route.

Today, at best I boil water best with the electric jug kettle and make a mean sandwich๐Ÿ˜‰

My Fourth Dream

Live life enjoying my favorite toons like Scooby Doo, Charlie Brown, Garfield, Smurfs and Disney characters.

This dream may be cut short as advanced digital technology have innovative interactive games that is filled with grisly gore.

My fourth dream may be extinguished like a candle in the wind soon.

My Fifth Dream

I miss my late pet dog, Goldlin Gretchen. A thoroughbred from a long line of champion dobermanns, Gretchen entered my life as a puppy with straggly long but weak legs.

She would slip and slide as she walked and mum would tut tut and feed her with Vitamin B6 and 12.

Gretchen grew up strong. Fiercely protective of the family but lovingly gentle to us.

Gretchen would have long talks with me after school and as years go by, then after work. 

Ok I joke, it was a one way communique. But I swear she would cock her head one side and look at me with those lovely eyes.

My dream for her to live with me forever was a mere fallacy. She passed at age 13 years after pining for my return from Hong Kong where I used to work.

On touch down, and after patting her on the head and with a kiss to her forehead, she went to heaven that  night. I swore, I would never keep another pet as the heartbreak of her loss to me is stil painful.

Dreams are dreams….like Einstein’s great advice….keep on sleeping and that is where, chances are that I will see Gretchen and have a conversation with Architect.

Meanwhile I continue with my life’s journey and memoirs to boot or bore you with!๐Ÿ˜‰

Afterall, I ain’t no gazillionaire, drop dead gorgeous babe on covers of Vogue or anybody famous…ha ha!

Thank you for your reading of this post and giving me my five minutes of fame๐Ÿ˜Š on wordpress…where dreams become a reality of sorts๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


10 responses to “My Memoirs #7 – Dreams

  1. Love the last pic ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d quite like that as my epitaph! I suppose this is why we have dreams though, to nuture our soul and keep us going…my life has turned out very differently from how I’ d dreamt and sometimes things just aren’t meant to happen the way you want. Still dreaming of winning the Lottery though!

  2. calmkate says:

    I dreamed of traveling, I did. I dreamed of having no regrets, I have none. Now I dream of enough to pay the bills … poverty is a challenge!

  3. Loved all your dreams. Creating a book of short stories detailing your dreams is your path to wealth and success. Even if I’m wrong, you would have fun in the process. Keep dreaming and one day the answer will find you.

  4. Your entertaining dreams are also very informative … thanks for sharing such personal thoughts, as always!

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