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Newton Hawker Center

on October 27, 2016

Newton Hawker Center has a long foodie history.

Located near Newton Circus, centrally located near Scotts Road and Newton MRT, you would guess how the name came about! No brainer right!?😉

Actually the MRT came later to support this center and the residents near the area.

Newton Hawker Center used to cater for expatriates and tourists. 

Stall holders selling seafood, grilled or curried would tout for business by hiring people to grab tourists and charge them exorbitantly. 

This gave Newton a bad reputation as locals avoided it like a plague as the prices would not fit our pockets and if I wanted to pay those prices, I would sit in an airconditioned restaurant.

Tourists and expats are fascinated by Newton as the ambience is one of local flavor and there are close to 80 stalls in this center.

Over the years, Newton has undergone refurbishment to upgrade stalls, teview tenants and catch touts.

This greatly helped as it detered sharky stall holders.

My parents brought us there for dinner weekends. But they are smart people, they knew the stall holders we patronised.

With familiarity, stall holders charged us the same cost for noodles eg $5 a bowl.

20 years later we still eat at these same stalls.

Oyster omelette Aunty, whom we fondly call is now in her late 60s and still frying up a storm.

This is a local delight and costs $8, $10 or $15 a plate, depending on size of serving.

Oyster Omelette Aunty would give us a generous serving of plump and juicy oysters garnished with parsely and chives over fried eggs with oysters.

Mum and dad would chat with her as she is frying and friendship maintained to the next visit.

Another good stall is Satay. This is the Chinese version whereby pieces of marinaded pork is skewered into bamboo sticks and grilled over open flames fired by charcoal. 

Each stick costs $0.70 as well as for the rice cake.

Served with a peanutty sauce, cut fresh cucumbers and onions, we would always order “ketupat” – rice blocks made into a square and wrapped in fragrant leaves.

Last evening, I decided to try new stalls.

I ordered a bowl of peppery pig stomach soup (this is a local delicacy and yummy) and bak kut teh or pork ribs cooked in peppery herbal soup.

At $5.50 a bowl, it was value for money!

Yes, the government has rid touts from this place and when I looked around at the center, I saw more locals than expats or tourists.

With the slowing economy and companies cutting costs for expat hires, the stall holders must have decided to shape up else they too will have no customers😉

Food prices are displayed and diners will not be fleeced.

I was glad to be able to have a mid week dinner with mum and dad as Electrical Lord left the office at 3.30pm, leaving me alone🤗

Note: Apologies…I was famished and ate the dishes without photographing any of it….greedy me ha ha!


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  1. Lol! Wondered why there were no pictures. .it all sounds lovely though!

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