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Licence Plates

on October 29, 2016

In lil red dot our licence plates are well controlled by Land Transport Authority. 

All prefixes and suffixes must follow the running sequence and “unique numbers” must be bid one per series.

Locals like the following numbers

8282 which means easy to prosper

2828 which also means easy to prosper

1313 which means always live well

800 which means prosper beautifully

4444 to the Cantonese is “die” but to Teochew it is good as all things “even”

13 is unlucky number to westerners but hugely popular with Chinese.

14 is first to die and not quite well received.

Prefixes with X or suffixes with X is not good as “X” marks the spot and is like a hex.

As for me, my car has Prefix of SDU and when I am articulating my car plate to buy parking, I would always say “Single, Desperate & Ugly” instead of conventional “Singapore, Denmark and United” to form the acronymn SDU.

And the best part is my car’s suffix is “A” which normally people say “Alpha”

For unconventional me, I prefer…Single, Desperate & Ugly XXXX All the time.

This always raises a laugh or a grin from the person getting my number plate.

It is Saturday….what can I do, but laugh as my bones hurt! 

4 responses to “Licence Plates

  1. samanthamurdochblog says:

    Oh..I hope you’re all right x
    Got to think of a better SDU…Single…Dangerous…Unbeatable! How’s that??

  2. GP Cox says:

    Isn’t THAT the truth!!!

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