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No Inspiration, Just Exasperation

on November 5, 2016

It is one of those weekends that drive me el nutso!

First the shower tap decides to “sweat” – must be from all the hard work it does, sitting pretty and unused! Key word is “unused” as I tend to use the bathroom in the master bedroom and the guest bathroom is gleamingly clean!

Things tend to malfunction when unused and I guess this is where the old adage of “work it like a workhorse means” LOL!

I learnt a lesson on this when my car does not have a cardio workout of doing 45 kilometers non stop.

I tend to drive short distances for my daily work commute and this does not work the battery. So, my car battery tends to get changed every year. These batteries for my car costs like $600 a pop!

So, I learnt to work the car. This explains why I also like driving to Changi International Airport as it allows me to work the car and be tempted to stop at the airport for my cuppa tea and or meal after.

Ahh well, back to my exasperation – the new tap cost me $220 today and I was glad to have my good and ever efficient plumber to attend to it. Plumbers in Singapore are a proud lot and they will not bother to come at short notice as there is always a long list of customers before attending to a new call.

I have known this plumber for a while now and though I took the first fearful step of calling him through his advert in the classified advertisements some years back, our friendship has been forged and he responds whenever I need plumbing or electrical services. This is a good thing!

Today Mr Plumber and I nattered on how old his son is now and that his son is seemingly lost in deciding what vocation to aspire to be in.

I shared with Mr Plumber that is was a no brainer. “Plumber and Electrician” I said jubilantly. This way Son of Mr Plumber can be his own boss, inherit his father’s clientele and gets to choose who they want for as a customer.

Son needs not work for idiotic bosses like my Electrical Lord who is horrid. If Son needs to take a few days break after working on his own time and amassing dollars to keep him economic viable for a week, he can rest. He can get up at whatever time and attend to calls at whatever time! His plumbing kingdom really or electrical kingdom!

Mr Plumber was grateful for my advice as Son of his was always wandering ie not sure what he wants to achieve in life. His exasperation I guess.

But he fixed my exasperation as the tap is now fixed.LOL!

Usual humdrum Saturday as I had a load of laundry and ironing to do. Tomorrow a second load for sheets and towels.

Though I am one, I do laundry every other day as I am a fuss pot. I like softener flowery fresh fragrance on my towels and linens.

If I could, I would wash my inanimate furball Garfield every other day to get that lavender fresh smell 😉 But that poor fella might “die” of over washing, swirling away in the washer and wearing out his worn paws even more.

Then it is off to the stores for my usual groceries and stuff. Lots to buy! I must never go grocery shopping when hungry as I tend to buy a lot of edibles. Still I am proud of self today as I restricted self to just buying edibles without junk food.

I did not even stop to smell the free smells of aromatic cooked food from the stalls that sold local delights or freshly baked bread. I stood in front of Old Chang Kee and got my free smell of freshly fried curry puffs. I resisted the temptation to buy and really regret it.

Onward ho to dinner I must now, hope you folks are having a more meaningful Saturday than I, finishing office work assignments in between laundry and chores.

Have a lovely day or evening folks!


13 responses to “No Inspiration, Just Exasperation

  1. The V Pub says:

    That’s what Saturday’s are for. Running around and stocking up. I hope your evening is fun!

  2. scifihammy says:

    You are so lucky to have a reliable plumber on call. They are like liquid gold! Glad all is fixed and working again.
    Try to get some fun free time in amongst all the chores! Happy Saturday. 🙂

  3. Harlon says:

    I love that expression, el nutso, I think that may become a staple in my vocabulary. Hope your weekend settles into el funso! 🙂 Harlon

  4. Busy day…hope you have a relaxing weekend. 🙂 xx

  5. The sort of weekend where it’s a relief to get back to work?

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