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I See What I Want To See

on November 8, 2016

I see what I want to see and I hear what I want to hear. 

Is this statement true?

Do I do this?


The above holds does hold true for my medical condtion. Oh gawd yessss!

If each time I see a doctor’s frown, I know what is in store for me.

Blah blah blah and there is always the “but there is nothing we can do about it!”

So for each MRI or CT scan I see or report I read…I see it as I want to see it and that for sure, they can fix it!

They will chop me here or there but hey, they always fix it. Ha ha!

If I do not see it the way I want to see it or hear it the way I want to hear it, then I will be in the doldrums.

Since there is always something medically wrong with me, I just accept it and fight it the way I see it.

If not, I might be a person whose brain goes on permanent absence….sigh I might unknowingly “cook my inanimate furball Garfield or laugh at the sky” – I will then be in deep trouble.

Back to making lemonade and all things lemony😉


5 responses to “I See What I Want To See

  1. The V Pub says:

    There’s nothing quite like the frown of a doctor looking at an xray. I remember after have my fusion, my doctor said that everthing went well, but I’ll probably have to have another one in 10 years. Great! Expiration’s on surgeries!

  2. I’m sorry 😦 I slipped a disc in my lower back six years ago…your bravery and what you’ve been through..amazing 🙂 xx

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