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on November 9, 2016

Madness is when Electrical Lord berates me from 2pm to 10pm dinner allowed! For no reasonable reason! 😣

Madness is when I am accused of anything EL hears that is not comforting to his ears. If he catches wind of people cursing him behind his back, it is ME who caused it, NOT HIM, heavens forbid as he made it clear that he is the “kindness, most good hearted and benevolent god on earth.” He is “an angel” and I am “not giving him benefits, lazing and not doing more” – 24 hours of work is required daily. 

Madness is when EL scolds me for not suggesting doing his personal errands. Hmm I wonder if my foreheads says “mind reader, personal slave and punching bag!”

Madness is being deprived of dinner and lunch is non existent in a work day! Yet I am threatened by EL that he would set his private investigator on me to “find out what I do”…

HA! It would cost him $ to find out that I crawl to work at 6.45am and return home from work each night to an inanimate furball called Garfield.

Silly billy! I would rejoice at his expense. Madness to threaten me and invade my privacy! He really thinks or believes I am his slave and that he has bought me for a monthly salary.

Ultimate madness is a new President has been elected into office….the least favored, least qualified but yet the people have spoken.

Asia and my lil red dot have to work closely with this business man…maybe he will make USA wealthy again?

The world awaits…meanwhile I look at the heavens and wonder why am I tortured this way?



15 responses to “Madness 

  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    Why Garfield wasn’t nominated I’ll never understand!

    For more insight and understanding, watch Lada’s pre-election video… it’s a breath of
    fresh air, just brilliant analysis:

    Trump is our Prez… God help us all.

  2. The V Pub says:

    I do believe that Hillary’s approval rating was lower than Trumps. She is generally disliked here in the US. If either party had a normal candidate, they would have won. It’s bizzarro world today! lol

  3. Garfield Hug says:

    Lol! Kick EL in the butt please 🙂

  4. scifihammy says:

    Aw so sad to hear how EL continues to treat you. Keep looking for a new job – you’ll get one eventually.

  5. HN says:

    Yes – keep looking!

  6. Sabiscuit says:

    Haven’t you got a raise yet? You definitely get a bonus for being his favourite. I’m coming over to give him an Xmas spanking. Fifty Shades of SB.

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