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on November 12, 2016

So how was work you’d ask?

It was not hunky dory at all! Electrical Lord bellowed like a lunatic! 

Sometimes I feel he missed his dose of Prozac πŸ˜‰

I felt like telling him to kiss my happy ass!

Thankfully after bellowing at me, he left for his Friday drinking session with his buddies. 

This meant that I could “leave the office like a dragon” as we Chinese Asian say. The other half of this idiom or Chinese Asian saying is “we report to work like a worm” 

δΈŠη­εƒδΈ€ζ‘θ™«,下班像村龙 – idiom written in Chinese.

As for my work situation, I think I need small parasols in my drink!

Meanwhile Canadian patrol is hard at work. I heard their immigration server crashed ha ha….Trumped again!

Happy Friday folks! 😊


3 responses to “Work?

  1. Ha ha ha! Very funny…I think EL could have a job in the U.S. border control…he could just stand and shout at people…they wouldn’t want to come in then!

  2. LOL on the malfunctioning clock

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