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My Memoirs #9 -Maserati

on November 12, 2016

Hi Folks! Happy Saturday to you and yours today.😊

‘Tis I, the zany character with a lot of moans on this or that and what ails 😎 ha ha!

Last night around 11.30pm, I met an elderly gent with a Maserati.

His Maserati was parked next to mine as we both got gas (*petrol) from a Mobil station.

I liked the sound of the vroom vroom as he drove in and shut his Maserati’s engine.

Out came an elderly gent! I mused to self. Yup at close to SGD1 million to buy that car, I doubt it will be any wage earner in their 30s or 40s.

If it was a 20 year old driving it, for sure I would know it is a car from their folks to use.

This is my conversation as we queued to pay through one teller. I was 4th in line and he was 5th.

Typical me could chat with anyone and caused the 8 people in the queue to giggle, snicker or smile quietly. Else I would not be Garfield Hug! LOL

(*Yet my awful EL would snap at me to say that I am useless and do not know how to hold conversation. Only he knows it seems! I wonder how is it that I then communicate with bigwigs in my personal social circles. He has threatened to get a private eye to tail me! I told him, be my guest! He will pay the cost to know that I only have one “love” – my inanimate fur ball Garfield. Seriously EL is getting more psychotic by the day or paranoid)


“Can you share if it is true that it hard to drive a Maserati?” I asked with the most genuine dumb lady look.😉


“No….easy as they have automatic gears now. You can switch between auto and manual gears!” he replied with an equally genuine and nice smile.


“I heard of stories how valets missed the handling and crashed such sports car. Hmm if I can afford to buy it, I doubt I know how to drive it. As it is now my car has sports pedal gears using fingers to flip and change. Clueless as I worry I accidentally set my car on reverse” 


“No no it is easy get the automatic one”


“Can’t afford it! As it is I have an evil employer and have to find a new one. Ha ha! Even at my age I cannot afford it plus in Singapore from point A to B my Maserati would stop every 3 minutes” 


“You are not old! I am 66 years old. I retired 11 years ago. You have hair and I am balding…no hair. I cannot be bothered with wigs or looks.  My wallet speaks and I spend my time playing mahjong or driving to Malaysia’s Penang.” He laughed. He said all this without airs but matter of factly.


“Malaysia is so dangerous. i heard of corrupt speed cops”


“Aiyah Malayan Ringgit $50 only to pacify the cop. I do 250km/hr. I go in convoys of 20 cars and we look out for one another.”


“250km/hr aiyo so dangerously fast! Aren’t you afraid the robbers waylay you for your Maserati (*Malaysia is notorious for its road thefts of nice cars where they strip and sell for parts)


“I have to be careful that is why we go in groups. But what can I do if they point a knife at me… I will give the keys”


“Yes…safer to do so”

Soon it was my turn and as if like old buddies, he put his quick pick items on the counter in front of me. 


“I need to get a sack of rice. I just got back from MMA event at Marina Bay Sands. Left early to avoid traffic. One must be happy and enjoy life.”


“Are you both together?” as she prepared to run my till.


“Ohhh….no no”

I turned around to Mr Maserati and said “nice talking with you and have a lovely evening” and walked after closing the transaction. He too said the same.

Interesting how 2 strangers can gel and talk shop….ha ha and I betcha you folks thought I bought a Maserati or made a joke to share with you 😉

Why is this in my memoirs?

I learnt life’s lessons here.

The genuine rich and successful are humble and humane without airs. I have met plenty.

The half baked wannabes like EL who cannot own Maseratis or Porsches are those who are bitter and jealous. They use the nouveau riche wealth they have to buy recognition in society and constantly brag about $10,000 donations to get a status in society.

I further learnt another myopic evil view of EL.

He blatantly said that he enjoyed berating people and torturing them to make them feel life is not worth living. Then he stops. This way the person he berates and tortures will realise how wonderful life is!??!

I wondered, pondered and deliberated on EL’s philosophy….which philosopher did he think he is emulating? He cites Gautama Buddha!??! Really?! What if the person goes mental and commits suicide?

My lesson to self is to adopt the philosophy of Mr Maserati and be happy. Do not look down on people though he may have arrived.

Hope you had fun “being with me in this conversation” & have a terrific Saturday with family😚 Garfield hugs!


9 responses to “My Memoirs #9 -Maserati

  1. Hmm..interesting how these life realisations just happen in casual conversation…what colour was the Maserati?

  2. Good life lesson! Only those at the very bottom seem ready to share what they have.

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