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Saturday Jolt

on November 19, 2016

I woke up at 8.53am  in a start,

Oh no! I did not to work depart!

Leapt up faster than a speeding dart…

Only to realise…thankfully, it was Saturday start.

All of us work for a living. At least I do ha ha…slavery too. I live, I eat.

Isn’t the above absolutely the truth. I must have spent a fortune!

Anyway, I finished cooking up a storm – my meals for next week.

It is actually kind a horror story of how my food is created.

I start off with pan fried sliced fish cake (not the British kind but the asian fish cake)

Throw in 6 cloves of  mince garlic and 1 sliced Bombay onion. Next, I toss in 3 sliced chilli padis (for the added spicy heat).

A handful of cooked fusili is tossed in and carefull blended. 500g of bean sprouts goes into this with Chinese Chye Sim (leafy greens) and sliced button mushrooms.

The “tasty” (*all things that taste good is bad) can of Narcissus pork trotters is added alongside a can of water.

Bring to boil and voila.. my pot of Garfield Hug Ala Pot Of Goo is presented.

Ha ha the recipe above is not what my dish looked like! But I feel many of my blog friends would like this recipe that was in today’s newspapers.

I am allergic to shellfish but I know many enjoy this. You can substitute with green mussels or lobsters or mud crabs, flower crabs or alaskan king crabs!

Meals done…ironing will wait as I meed to rest my weary bones and vegetate on the cold marble floor to catch my feel good Hallmark movies on Christmas stories.

Happy Saturday 😉


8 responses to “Saturday Jolt

  1. That recipe looks really nice…would just leave out the mushrooms though. I’m having a cup of tea before I start the Saturday wash mountain…

  2. scifihammy says:

    Pity about the chores – but still better to wake up and realise it is the weekend – and not Think it is and find out it is Monday! 🙂

  3. Loved the recipe. Like the cardio too.

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