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Beauty In All Things Small

on November 20, 2016

My usual regime for Sunday begins for me to wait for part time help. 

This is when I wait at the back gate to release the catch for part time help to enter the estate.

Whilst waiting, I will see what’s new and budding in the common estate.

It seems the new Managing Agent has put in some new potted plants and it has bloomed some lovely small yellow flowers.

I do not know what these flowers are called but perhaps they are genetically linked to the Daisy family or miniature chrysanthemums or peonies?

I love flowers😊

Show me any gal who doesn’t ha ha unless she suffers from pollen allergies or rhinitis I guess.

I marvel at nature’s hand in delivering each flower carefully, flower petals in the right angles to form this bloom for me to admire.

The solitary flower above is part of a matting green to cover loose soil or ground. I feel it is like a weed as it can grow horribly wild that it needs to be hacked through. 

So much hacking has been done on the straggly creeper that these tiny little small flowers (no bigger than a thumb size) do not get to peek out of its green ends. Well at least this survivor did.

Monday…back to the grind 😦 and it is not coffee grinds which I would rather much prefer.

There will be new curses from my infamous Electrical Lord as he gets his shorts in a bunch, unless weekend sales deliver his much needed Maserati or maybe not!

So till my Sunday ends, chores await me 😊


4 responses to “Beauty In All Things Small

  1. You have some pretty flowers there, Garfield. Nice!

  2. They are pretty-nice and cheerful to look at too :)x

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