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Nature Up Close & Personal

on November 21, 2016

In the years that I have lived in my estate, I never realised how large the girth of the Kaya Tree has become.

In my lil red dot, once the tree girth gets to a certain size, we are disallowed from felling it, unless it is diseased and posed a safety risk.

We once had a contractor who chopped away a heritage tree (*meaning extinct species) and he faced the full force of the law witha $15,000 fine and maybe a couple of days jail time. This was in an estate in the east of the lil red dot.

I also noticed the lovely root formation of this yellow palm. It looks like a mangrove plant but it is not.

It isn’t often that I get time to stop and smell the roses as they oft say but it is nice to stop and look for that few minutes to notice nature, up close and personal.

This was how I used my precious minutes on Sunday to stop, look and really see😊


7 responses to “Nature Up Close & Personal

  1. Interesting our Major Oak…big old hollow tree where Robin Hood and his Merry Men were supposed to hide…:)

  2. scifihammy says:

    Lovely to see these different trees 🙂

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