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My Wednesday Thoughts

on November 23, 2016

In today’s society, it is hard for people of the new millennial or strawberry generation to apologise or give appreciation. Of course this is a general statement but those that do, are few and far between.

I used to think that people from the post baby boomers era seemed to appreciate people more, or they seemed more empathetic.

Sadly, I am proven wrong on all counts. It takes different people with different mindsets to be the person they choose to be.

Comparatively speaking, I see my parents and they are genuine in wanting to help people. So much so, that I feel they end up being taken advantage of, most times. Yet, when this happens, my mum is resigned about it and tells me that the important thing is, she tried to help. This is an interesting lesson and hard for me to follow. But I guess she has her reasons as she came from humble beginnings.

I try to emulate my mum most times, but being the cynical me who has gone through loads of lemony stuff, I am watchful. Not all people are appreciative of people.

But what takes the cake is when I observe the behavior of my current employer, the one and only evil Electrical Lord.

EL is displeased with me as I tend to motivate minions by saying thank you and or “hey, good job” when they slave beyond their normal work hours to deliver a much required piece of work with no extra pay. Little deeds like this has proven in HR practice to work. Minions are like you and I. We all work for somebody and once in a while, a little bit of thanks can go a long way.

Well, not for EL. He is rather displeased to the point of being sarcastic to berate me about this and in his broken English that he seems so proud so, he would say, “I hate it when you say well done, good done, semi done” – and lapses into his Chinese language to say all this is fake. Instead I must be the first to stand up and shout down at minions, never praise but SHOUT and VERBALLY ABUSE them. Hmm, I do not remember being appointed ring master with a whip in hand!

Aah so, I am not emulating him in his footsteps! He proudly told us minions once how his beloved future Prime Mininster or President (*perhaps a new Trump like candidate is in the works…aaargh) Daughter told him to tell a lady in marketing to *F****k (*swear word) to off when she refused to do her marketing paper homework.

The apple does not fall far from the tree as they oft say.

Each day as I continue to be immersed in this murky water environment, the more depressing each day gets. I try to stay chipper, going home with a smile to hug Garfield and feel the squooshy feel good moment of hugging a stuffed toy. I stay tuned to Hallmark channel to get feel good movies, to remind me that during this Christmasy time, there can be miracles of sorts.

I have come to conclusion that if I take a huge pay cut and work somewhere else for lesser, maybe I will feel happier and chipper. I am unsure. But what  I would like to do is, if I could, walk out of this hell hole and find my own faith in human kind.

I cannot emulate and become like EL. He is evil through and through – he wants to believe he is Buddha incarnate as he keeps repeating his “goodness” to us all. Yet, underneath that awful conniving smile he gives to others, us minions see nothing but sarcastic comments, swear words and depressing thoughts.

Every leaver that I have interviewed on exit tells me the same, “unappreciative, gives one high blood pressure and drives one to think of suicide as people hang onto their jobs for the sake of their families”

If I have ever have the chance,  I would tell the maker of this self proclaimed Buddha incarnate to teach and guide this EL into being a better human. We all have one live, let’s live it meaningfully – sharing, giving and being appreciative of what we have, not harming or making it difficult for others to earn a living.

If EL one day faces the maker and am told of weight of evil he has given to others, I wonder how will he feel?

My Wednesday thoughts folks as I aim to make a difficult decision. And in the words of the evil EL,

“Work hard, not smart is stupid”

“Work hard, work smart is stupid”

At the end of it all, it is the “result” he wants and boy oh boy, his goal posts keep shifting and so, me as a striker, can never score a goal.

Meanwhile turnover rate in our company continues to turn, the longest serving senior management team is at 1.8 years. There are only 6 of us, excluding 5 of his family members. Soon, EL will have himself to scold or inject more of his family members.

Al Pacino can never play this character…no one can really 😉



4 responses to “My Wednesday Thoughts

  1. The V Pub says:

    Never let anyone change the beautiful person you are with their misery.

  2. For what it’s worth I agree with your methods: I am much more motivated by praise than I am by threats. Threats make me want to give up/praise makes me want to do even better.

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