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Thursday Thoughts, Things Not Bought!

on November 24, 2016

It has been a long time that I have had the time to focus on air wave banter by my two favorite DJs, Glen Ong and Flying Dutchman when I drive to work and his colleagues Sharon and partner whose name I forget when I drive home.

Last evening’s jokes by be the drive home duo touched on the awards given to honor America’s finest by President Obama. Ellen Degeneres was a recipient of the award and Obama shared her strength in coming out of the closet, 20 years ago to share that she is an LBG.

Obama further said that Ellen likened the situation to a tortilla chip holding guacamole dip. I mused to self as the tortilla chip is indeed fragile as I often buy bags of these chips and there are always some broken pieces.

The drive home duo then said that Obama brought class and prestige to the presidency of USA.  Trump is “CLASS” minus the first two letters! I laughed.

It is true that Obama and Michelle are classy and Obama speaks well. His rhetoric is often quoted and he is a compelling speaker. He and Michelle did bring romance back into the White House as I remembered the bad press for Bill Clinton’s image. Obama to me is charismatic and polite with the ability to diffuse tension.

Trump has invoked internal hatred amongst its people based on populist views.

Our government is worried about this as my lil red dot has 4 major ethnic groups and we must never become like that. Last evening’s news showed that in America, the rich were getting richer and the middle or lower class were getting the short end of the stick.

Further Trump came out to state that USA will not be part of TPP and that his focus will be on bilateral relations. My lil red dot will have to survive and find alternatives. Under our leaders, we are resilient lot and come what may, we must and can survive.

The 100 days till the time Trump takes office is giving many world leaders some anxiety as many can only second guess what he has up his sleeves.

I sincerely hope that under Trump’s presidency, he will not ignite unnecessary economic wars or more dissension that people within USA become even more divided such that instead of helping to making America better, it sets it back further.

Thursday thoughts…..cheers to all for a great day ahead and may peace, prosperity and happiness be there for each and every one of us 😉

Meanwhile, I have things not bought….groceries sigh…to find time off work to get it done is a challenge! Baah!!


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