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Dinner At 10pm

on November 26, 2016

Friday evening, hard at work till nine,

So long as no berations, work torture is fine!

Clock struck nine, towards the door I made a bee line!

Missing my parents and Garfield, I pined…

In fact I almost whined!

Off I drove to the airport with parents we dined,

Appams we devoured, all yummy and fine!

Dad had a lovely dessert of bubuh hitam, to him…his “wine”

Mum decided on tissue prata, 2 pieces I awaited half an hour in line!

Aaah but appams take the prize like a treasure mine!

Thin crisp skin with a bowl of white spongy cake at the base…appams a favorite of mine!


Tissue prata is paper thin and I ate it with fish curry instead of chocolate dribbles. The nice Indian Muslim man who served it was smiley and polite, greeting and taking my order in Chinese! Great bilingualism at work.

Appams tonight took me 35 minutes to Q for. If it is a long wait, then it must be good! It certainly was! 

 Bubuh Hitam is glutinous black rice cooked till creamy in brown sugar or “gula melaka” and dribbled generously with coconut milk or we call “santan”

We enjoyed our appams with brown orangey sugar and freshly grated coconut.

By the time I got home it was 2.30am Saturday morning.

Nothing beats having the company and love of my parents to accompany me after a 14 hour work day and chug along in a car with bumper to bumper traffic to get to the airport  for my dinner, their dessert.

Good Friday night or actually good Saturday early morning 😊 at my end!


4 responses to “Dinner At 10pm

  1. It sounds like a wonderful dinner! Pleased you had a nice time with your parents and yayy! It’s Saturday :)x

  2. scifihammy says:

    I think it’s lovely that your parents will meet you out at the airport for a late meal 🙂

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