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Ode To Garfield #7

on November 27, 2016

The weather is rainy,

But Garfield’s brainy.

1993 Garfield’s born out of Toys R Us,

Clean and fresh, free from dust!

From cashier’s till, Garfield is my must.

No blazing sun to sun Garfield dry,

Though I oft feel in the sun he fries!

This special Garfield is 23 years old,

Stinky poo is what momma is told,

Lanky legs and arms that cannot fold,

Into a jumper suit, Garfield beats the cold.

In summery months, amongst his pals,

There’s no gals!

*cartoon images of Garfield are creations of Jim Davis, Garfield Paws Inc.


15 responses to “Ode To Garfield #7

  1. GP Cox says:

    Actually, I look forward to winter. Here in south Florida we don’t get much relief from 85-95 degree weather, so I’m thrilled with what we do get. This year’s autumn has been fantastic so far!!

  2. charlypriest says:

    You´re a funny cat Garfield, winter…. I´m with you brotha! In the house that I rent a room I can literally see the vapour coming out of my mouth as I breath. Cold as hell, I actually have to wear at least two jackets, and I mean the type they wear in the North Pole. Not kidding.

  3. Brr…it’s warmer in bed! Is Garfield allowed to share it?

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