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Things People Do…

on November 28, 2016

I really have alot to rebutt or swipe back at Electrical Lord for his every baseless accusations thrown my way.

But I have to STOP myself! 

If I say it and have a new job waiting it is fine but I have none. Plus saying it does not help as I did it before i.e stood my ground but his sweet revenge was 4 days of extra berations starting at going home time till 10pm so as to waste my time!

Plus culturally….I have learnt not to burn bridges.

My lil red dot is a small one and since I am a minion, there are bound to be mutual meetings of common acquaintances.

I can only hate EL silently till I exit the working arena totally and boy will I let lose on all his evil doings.

Meanwhile I will adopt Ernie’s advice

Plus I could give EL a grade D English standard for his store signs since he is a moron and shouts at us for wasting time dwelling on good English.

Happy Monday Folks….laugh!!

I am deeply sad as I have to resign from my work as this evening EL scolded me for no reason from 2pm to 10pm. It had accusations from his paranoia and it affects my self worth.

As Donna Summer the diva would sing…”enough is enough!”


4 responses to “Things People Do…

  1. WHAT?? Are you all right??

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