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Day Of Reckoning

on November 29, 2016


Last night I received an epiphany of sorts when I sat through 8 hours of beration from Electrical Lord. From 2pm to 10 pm, 5 of us sat in his room as he scolded us till kingdom come, disrespectful of our dinner time.

Basically, I was punched left, right and center on things that were beyond my control and or things that go awry. I am his personal punching bag and to him, I delivered nothing, did nothing throughout my work tenure there in the last 1.5 years.

I wonder how did all the polices, processes, procedures, work reports etc etc and things got into place. Did I abracadabra all that to happen overnight?

Oh…he said that those do not count as I did not make a “profit” for the company. So, it seems that the immediate profit I would make for him is when he forces me to resign by making my work life a living hell there and immediately he will have saved payment of my wages! Brilliant!

EL is one paranoid little man who would admonish me for writing down notes of things to do as he berates me. To him, I am writing but unsure what I am writing on and possibly to publish his unreasonable behavior. Further, my cell phone with me (in his paranoid little mind) is to record things of what he says or condemn people. El Sicko!

I reflected on his management style – what I have learnt in this 1.5 years under his regime which is possibly an equivalent to despots, dictators and cruel people like Hannibal Lectern of Silence of the Lambs I think or any other evil character.

EL has often threatened to beat me up. Can you imagine having such an employer in our midst. I am a woman and he threatens to do so. Many have asked me to sue him. But whatever for as our local laws do not provide coverage for employees in management level.

Highly suspicious of anyone and everything, I would say that his lifestyle must be a sad one. He shared once that on reaching home, before he puts his wallet down, he must count his dollars to ensure that when he wakes up the next day, the same value tallies. Sad that one has to do this in their own home isn’t it? He does not even trust his own wife and family members!

How can anyone live in this sort of a mindset – it must be torturous having no trust, no love and selfishly doing things that labels “self” before others.

I learnt the following lessons from this evil little man:

Do not talk about charity when charity does not begin at home.

His minions are treated poorly and verbally abused most times. We are beasts in his eyes. Charity to him is donating to a cause that fuels his cause – kinda like a politician. The donation must generate mileage for him in terms of publicity and boosting his generous image. Yet in the office, anyone taking biscuits from the pantry is “theft” and we have to call the police.

Do not talk about work life balance. Though these words flow like a tap from his mouth, he does not believe it and insists we all should work 24/7 and have no rest days. Our annual earned vacation leave is best given back to him and we return like slaves to work for him.

Everyone is evil except him, purest devil on earth  – there is only ONE perfect man, a living God that walks on this earth in lil red dot and that man is EL. He is the purest of man and the kindest, most generous creep that exists – he is to me, the devil incarnate!

I have a better life. I need not have riches and I have pride.

Time for me to leave this hell hole and let the karmic forces face him and his deeds. I am not the demon slayer, neither am I a good person. I try my best to live a life not harming others, helping others to the best of my ability and I must never feel that the world has let me down.

I will be making a lot of lemony stuff in the days ahead. I am unsure where life will take me next but I sincerely hope that the heavens will be kinder and stop punishing me things I am unsure what I have done in past lives to warrant such a work life and all things bleak.

One month’s notice… will be good to be leaving this place and regain my self worth, sanity and compassion for others.

Sorry folks as I am feeling somewhat down…..working at EL’s has taken a toll on my mental and physical health ;-(



11 responses to “Day Of Reckoning

  1. bjaybrooks says:

    Although it is always difficult to leave a job it sounds like this move is for the best for you. At two different times in my life I experienced very demanding and hurtful supervisors. A bad boss can hurt you physically and mentally. Both times I ultimately left these narcissistic paranoid men…and was the better for it. 🌞

  2. Listen, you’ve done the right thing. I was horrified to read he threatened you with physical violence. Here you could have sued his arse to hell and back for saying that.
    I know you can’t do that there…you’ll have to keep it really low key as to why you left..”ideological differences” . ..something like that. But you can’ t spend the rest of your life being verbally abused by this nutter-you’re worth more. Something will turn up. Sending positive thoughts and BIG hugs xxx

  3. The V Pub says:

    He is a bully and a coward. He needs a swift kick to his backside (among other places) to set him straight. One day karma will play its hand and all will be set straight.

  4. Appalling – you have my sympathy, for what that is worth. It would be kinder to sack you, from which I conclude you must have a value to him, even if it’s only to dish out pain/blame. Does he get any work done himself if he’s doing this for 8 hours? Have you ever tried secret filming, by the way?

  5. Hi GH, Sorry you have to deal with all these at work, you’ve made the right decision to leave him and his small mindset. Emotional torture from work is the worst thing ever, noone deserves that.

    All the very best with your last days there and best of luck on the job hunt.

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