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And So The Story Goes #46

on December 1, 2016

​I was feeling low as the doom and gloom of the job market looms as I sat in my office.

A part of me greatly regretted passing the job opportunity of Dragon Lady’s offer to me.

Maybe she is not as bad as Evil Lord. 

Sigh….I will never know and kick self mentally!

Then my cell phone buzzes as a text message comes..


 “I spoke to Dragon Lady and vouch for you with my head and backside. The rest we leave to leave to “天意”(*heaven’s will)


His usage of backside is always present in our text messages.😊


“Wow!! Head and backside! Love you very much for the kind gesture. Thanks. I tendered my resignation and with leave to offset, am out of this hell hole 14th Dec after 1pm. I feel liberated. Poor but liberated as EL’s verbal abuse was just too much for me.

And I agree the rest is up to the Gods or spirits or voodos”


“I’ll email all these terrestrial beings to visit you”


“You outta touch! Tweets and instagrams ha ha”


“They have not upgraded their software system yet”


“Wrong! Nowadays cloud computing is used!”

Silence ensues……And So The Story Goes….


5 responses to “And So The Story Goes #46

  1. Ah! Fingers crossed…something positive? I hope so 🙂 xx

  2. Good news, then? Reading this, not sure …

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