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Sooo True…Updates #2

on December 4, 2016

Singtel, one of 3 main telcos in lil red dot suffered a major fibre broadband glitch of which, affected my pigeon hole and others.

We are assured it is not a DDos attack but our IP addresses cannot be received and so, we are “internetless”

Netizens are up in arms, seeing red as they cry foul! 

Aah…before internet, how did we cope?

So there goes my broadband fibre access and am using my mobile data plan to post. 

Singtel has announced waiver of charges for yesterday and today for us on mobile internet but terms are unclear so many of us are cautiously using.

Amidst all this figuring out if an earlier power trip caused this, I was finally assured that I was not the only one. 

The whole of Singapore was affected.

So off I zoomed some 25km to meet with Dragon Lady yesterday.

She is a long winded lady as she chatted with me from 2.30pm till almost 5pm.

I had to listen to hear about herself.

This is my 3rd face to face meet up but she was NOT prepared to offer just yet.

She is seeking to fill a Dy CEO’s role (*I kick self for turning that down earlier the offer of a CEO position as I thought things will get better with Electrical Lord but it got progressively worst!) and a Chief Operating Officer(COO)’s role.

So I am now being considered for a COO’s role.

As the usual song and dance continues, she shared that she was still in the process of interviewing!!

Aaargh….so there may be another 3 to 4 rounds before I will know if I am considered!

Patience….as they say…patience!

Fingers and toes crossed….rabbit’s foot, Garfied Paws 🐾🐾🐾 and heaps of πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€HOPE!!


2 responses to “Sooo True…Updates #2

  1. ulli says:

    I’m sure, she’s very interested in you.

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