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My Inanimate Furball

on December 6, 2016

I always have this argument with my bathroom scales too 😂

*credit for image goes to Jim Davis and Paws Inc for creating my favorite inanimate fur ball 😊


12 responses to “My Inanimate Furball

  1. Ditto. Me too, do this. ha aha aha ha

  2. GP Cox says:

    I have that same lying scale – must be a defect in the model !!

  3. I absolutely loved this post! Caused a bit of concern at work when I started laughing in the middle of a quiet room, but it just cheered me up no end! Thank you 🙂

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Oh dear!! My inanimate furball caused a ruckus at your workplace. Typical Garfield ha ha! Thanks for popping by and I love your blog posts. Singapore where I live and known as lil red dot is known for orchids and its hybrids 😊

  4. scifihammy says:

    My scales are over-weighing too – must be the heat! 🙂

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