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Turmoil & Comfort From Others

on December 6, 2016

Chef William is a comfort as each day begins with a nice cheery message from him, urging me on.

Leaving the work place has brought many remaining in EL’s employ to tell me their work woes. 

The place is teeming with unhappiness with many staying as they cannot find alternative jobs to go to.

This is sad. We are all shackled by economics and the art of survival.

Many have left and cannot forget the evilness if EL.

I joked with a colleague that if I set up an alumni of resignees, it would fill 1,000 seats.

To live in the 21st century and know of how employees are exploited, milked, insulted, persecuted and berated is a shame.

I thought this only happened in sweat shops I read in my bachelor studies.

Entrepreneurs can be savvy but the truly good entrepreneurs carry their good names till after death.

Sadly these are few and far between.

Really sobering for me to listen, hear and learn. 

Things happen for a reason and as they say, one door closes and another will open.

Only if I find the darn key 😉ha ha


2 responses to “Turmoil & Comfort From Others

  1. Well, you’re right, these things happen for a reason…good grief, does EL not realise how many people hate him?! What a deluded little man. You’re well out of it 🙂 xx

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