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I Refuse To Grow Up

on December 7, 2016

Growing old is mandatory,

In fact perfunctory!

Aging gracefully is satisfactory,

Often times disatisfactory!

I can refuse to grow up….thankfully!! πŸ˜‰

Ha ha..I know I am older when people I used to go ga ga over as actors or singers start to drop like flies around me.

I used to enjoy classic actors like Greta Garbo, Bogey, John Wayne. Something about the way they acted on screen.

These days I see Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood or Arnold S, my my they have aged. Just as Chatlie’s Angels (Original Angels)…Farrah Fawcett died early due to cancer and not old age, Jaclyn Smith hardly acts much these days and I forget (*blame it on anaesthesia) the name of the 3rd angel.

The modern angels have also aged…Lucy Liu πŸ™„

Some employers in my lil red dot despise the older staff citing “uselessness” – They forget that they will grow old too.

I have a soft spot for seniors. Mum is hard of hearing as she ages and dad is forgetful.

One day, I will be hard of hearing and forgetful too.

But heavens forbid if we lose our chomps😊

Yes…I still have humor and will continue to laugh…with or without my chomps, sans hearing or sans sight!

I already know what it is like to be “older” as my bones protested at my tender age…  old age came early for me….ageism….hmm…all in the mind…😊


17 responses to “I Refuse To Grow Up

  1. That is a great photo – It would make a great birthday card

  2. Garfield, I just adored that Pic of the old man smiling and the words. I’m going to send it to all my Friends who don’t bother to smile or laugh.

  3. My bones feel about 80, while the rest of me is ok. Skeleton transplant please!

  4. Yes, it’s rather sad that senior citizens get cast aside like old slippers. To jolt your memory a bit, the third Angel was Cheryl Ladd. πŸ™‚

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