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Dear Santa….

on December 8, 2016

Dear Santa,

I have never written you a letter before Santa and so, this is my first!

Today reminded me that I am not always well physically.

If it is not my sack of bones protesting, it would be a new body part that ails.

My eyes felt like a 1,000 needles poking and my regular opthalmic surgeon Dr Billy Tan was away. Sigh!

I called up the Singapore National Eye Center and thankfully, a kind staff nurse there slotted me in for an appointment after I said that I was shoved from pillar to post and they said I should just go to A&E.

I told the nurse I would just use steroid drops! That sent shivers down his spine. Voila! An immediate vacancy arose πŸ˜‰

I seriously used steroid drops for 3 days πŸ€” as I forget and thought I was Noah Wiley, Dr Kildare or McDreamy!

As luck would have it, a consultant by the name of Dr Chan saw me.

He was kind. He was very thorough and told me that my eyes were very dry which is why it felt like the way I felt. I needed to see the specialist of dry eye clinic was his view.

Santa, bless both the kind staff nurse and Dr Chan with nice X’mas gifts as they are both on your nice list…in case you are overwhelmed by a long list.

I may not be on your nice list. I have been rather cross with my ex employer, whom I nicknamed him as EL. 

If you can possibly show him some empathy or show him Christmas future if he continues as he is, distrusting, greedy, selfish and verbally abusive. I feel he will be very lonely as there will be no true friends by his side.

I was touched when his so called “friend” whom EL had said bad things behind his back who came forth to want to help me find a job.

His friend only knew me as his employee but he decided to trust me.

I guess I looked nice.I felt happy.

So Santa, why am I writing this letter?

I do not know how 2017 will turn out for me. 

I have not had a merry christmas in a long long…long…did I say long…time!

Mr Ex who used to be the love of my life once upon a time never spent Christmas with me even in those years. He felt that by being with me everyday, is Christmas daily for me.

He promised to make me happy. May he continue in his quest. I ain’t complaining πŸ˜‰ whilst he tries.

I do have 2 Christmas wishes and I do wish you can remember to grant these.

If not…aah well que sera sera….

Cookies and milk are by the door. I have no chimney and no Christmas tree.

I am not scrooge but I lost the Christmas spirit a long long time ago! Ha ! Ha !

Garfield’s getting worn…paws and all…eyes with cataracts that require magic marker pens to color them black ha ha!

Maybe you will not get this letter πŸ€“

Still, I will try πŸ˜›!

Merry Christmas in advance to you Santa & Mrs Claus.

In case you are stressed from all the work you do during this yuletide season, have a laugh with Mrs Claus.

Yours truly,

Garfield Hug


10 responses to “Dear Santa….

  1. HN says:

    Hi GH! So you have a new job! Congratulations! …My wish for you… that you will meet helpful colleagues with friendly hearts. When do you start?

  2. I think you’ll be all right, EL was just so…unpleasant you had to get away before he eroded every part of your personality. 2017-got to be a better year, please!

  3. Wishing you your first happy Christmas in a long time!

  4. Neethu says:

    Wow..Santa would surely love reading this one..

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