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Daily Humdrum Life Of Garfield Hug

on December 10, 2016

It has been hard getting self to wake up past 5.30am….the self calibrated alarm clock in my brain automatically wakes me up when 5.30am swings by!

So what they say of lab rats or hamsters or Pavlov dogs are true! Habits can be hard to change as it take time after being conditioned to unlearn any daily routine.

Mr Ability To Earn has set aside time today to catch up. I know he has been busy trying to get his business in line despite the slow down. For that, I am grateful.

Mr EX has spirited away like the ghost of Christmas Past. He will never be the Ghost of Christmas Future as he has ants in his pants. Thankfully, I am not married to him else I will be ring fenced to a man who is never around, living life like a nomad. His chase for dollars are real! I don’t agree though.

Hallmark Channel has been keeping me busy as I watch feel good movies.

I watch movies with tales of single moms, destitute and poor.. but the ending is always good.

Sadly in reality, not all have great outcomes. Many still remain poor or destitute. 

I have to get busy to find stuff to give away to the less fortunate. Times are hard and not many are keen to donate. I can understand the economic hardships all are facing.

So, to get inventive, I will probably get people to donate time to do stuff for the aged. Nothing beats keeping them company perhaps?

Meanwhile I will start on a new campaign soon, to educate employers against berating or verbally abusing staff. 

Also to stop discriminating against hiring personnel aged 45 years old and above. 45 years old and above are not useless beings!

People lose their jobs and have children and family in tow to support. 

If all employers band together to stop hiring 45 year olds and above then society will be in trouble!

(*Why? Not because they are useless but they are senior managers and to save cost, force resignations by making workplace a living hell and hire any desperate soul who is jobless and willimg to work to subsist) 

Coupled with an aging population, then society will have a mass of people idling and waiting for dementia to set in. New issues that must never happen.

Let’s see what Garfield Hug can do to prevent this….hmm….🤔

Dukes and Duchesses of Yore wherefore art thou, thy minion need help!!😂


4 responses to “Daily Humdrum Life Of Garfield Hug

  1. calmkate says:

    Firstly your computer keys for hubby and wife were wrong way round, please correct?

    In my country anyone over 50 is unemployable … the youngsters who could hire them have far less experience and are exceedingly insecure in this time of high unemployment. Good luck in your campaign to get employers to stop harassing their staff! We actually have laws against it but nobody enforces them so it’s lip service only. Discrimination on grounds of race, religion, age, gender, debasing another, etc is now far more subtle as employers know they will get away with it. Benefiting others is a great way to go but volunteers are also abused so be wary of where you go.

  2. What good ideas! However, you have had a horrible time, so don’t forget to be nice to yourself too :)xx

  3. ulli says:

    I’m sure you’ll make it, GH.
    But take care,

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