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The Business Of Friendships

on December 15, 2016

My sardonic and cynical understanding of friendships is heavily influenced by one person.

This one person can stand before thousands and portray self as the ONLY ONE who is a GOOD FRIEND.

He carries multiple personas to fit whichever scene he wishes to enact.

As I dug deeper, I realised the shroud of deceit created.

It is easy to continuously spout your own mantra till you believe in self righteousness – case in point Electrical Lord.

EL believed he was the almighty. He saw self as generous but his generosity extended to where it brought him continued “good publicity” to showcase him as the almighty and ultimate kind man. Oh…he was a cruel and unkind man to minions.

I have always treasured friendships and valued it as true, honest and sincere.

But I have learnt through one person that it is about “mutual usage” – friendship is about making use of others.

Lies, deceit and showmanship (including penmanship) were the key factors to relationships that created false friendships.

Words that sounded like music to the ears were cheap so long as it brought accumulated wealth to this one person.

In the biblical realm, this person saw self as the pastor of a flock, ability to spout bibilical verses and portrayed wife as the saint of his life! Perhaps she is and not just his money bags!

$15 million later, he still portrays to the vulnerable that he is “poor” and that the wealth he has, is his family’s.

His claims of wearing the same trousers and shirts. Ha! I wanted to tell him that I epitomised wearing the same comfortable clothes and lived humbly.

I questioned. “Family is yours. Aren’t you part of this family with the love of your life wife and 2 beautiful daughters? Family’s wealth is your wealth too”

Friendships in today’s dog eat dog world is akin to grains of sand on the beach.

The ebb and flow of tide will bring sand in and out.

What stays on the shore can be used to make bricks. What gets washed out to sea is investment lost till the tide brings it back in to be of use.

If the person you befriend can write you business deals then you are an overnight love of one’s life. Literally!

Once the business relationship sees no benefit to this one person, then we are yesterday’s news till new news develop.

All this person’s purportment of “love, give, or sharing” is hard to swallow. He does not give out Christmas presents, unless it gains him points to showcase his generosity.

Such persons should have the guts and gore to stand up and state upfront that the basis of friendship is one of mutual use. Nothing more!

Once the mutual usage or benefits deplete, then all friendship disintegrates to nothingness.

Ironically the things he says does not coincide with his poverty or impoverished life style of debt.

I must be smarter to live life knowing that friendships are a myth and an urban legend these days.

It is about song and dance….cheers to the one person who succeeds in blind sighting or charming pants off victims for his self gain.

Befrienders beware….or maybe I am just cynical after studying this chap’s modus operandi. 

Under all that glitz and glamour, perhaps there exists a real person who is genuinely emotive and regrets his actions of falsehoods?

I will never know as I made my exit.


5 responses to “The Business Of Friendships

  1. He sounds a real charmer…the thing is though, you live and learn. Now you’ve met this sort of person, you will know that type again and also how to deal with them. 🙂

  2. Neethu says:

    Wow loved reading this one..was like an outburst on EL s wicked ways..”What stays on the shore ……back in to be of use.” I loved this sentence..made soo much sense…👌👌now since you are out of that place and away from EL, stay happy.. rejuvenate… let inner peace prevail..😊💞💞💞

  3. Hi I already follow your fab blog, so thought I would share that I am super excited as I am officially in the running for the UK BLOG AWARDS 2017! If you could click the link and choose FoodandDrink&Lifestyle on the drop down menu:
    Thank you kindly in advance your vote is much appreciated
    Melanie xx

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