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Visitors & More Job Interviews

on December 17, 2016

My sis and her family are visiting from Kiwi Land and they arrived last night.

Traffic to the airport was chock a block and I had the opportunity to see the police escort, sirens and all covering full security for SJ1 car plate…I wonder if it this plate is for The President or The Prime Minister…seeing the Philippine President home?

Anyway, I will be busy being the designated driver for my sis and nephew.

 I will take this opportunity to see Singapore a bit since I am in between jobs now till I next start in January 2017 with Dragon Lady.

Meanwhile I was surprised to receive a call for another job interview – with the “holy” people.

I do like the job with “holy” people and will pray hard that I may be presented with it on Tuesday night.

Crikey if I get it, I can literally walk to work!!

But it may take 3 to 4 rounds before anything concrete materialises. Still, here is to silent hoping.

Meanwhile a storm is abrewing in my backyard with Mr EX. He and I have been really bickering and bitterly too. Hmm…this may be juicy fodder for my “And So The Story Goes” series or it marks the end of it all?! Stay tuned!!

Who knows….*rubs hands in glee* – we may be permanently “enemies” of sortsπŸ˜‰as I detest liars….ha ha I caught him lying…so like Jim Carrey…I screamed “liar liar pants on fire”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Also, for the first time in 2 years, I will be catching up with Bird and Chicken for lunch tomorrow. Whoopee!!

The best thing quitting EL is that it gives me a chance to do things that I could never do.

Aaah…to feel the sun in my face and realising that I am not Countess Dracula, creeping to work before dawn and returning only after 9pm!

Carpe Diem for me….

Things to see,

Busy like a bee!

May I get the job at the “holy,”

Surely, I will be made “wholly,”

A chance for a job for me solely!

So kindly pardon me if my postings are a tad erratic as I dash about and take photos of local sceneries to show you all πŸ˜‰


13 responses to “Visitors & More Job Interviews

  1. Neethu says:


  2. Fingers crossed…a wave of hope and positive thoughts coming your way :)xx

  3. calmkate says:

    Well you’re the quiet one … we hear the complaints and didn’t even know that Dragon Lady offered you the job, well done! ‘Holy’, the Christians or the Buddhists? That does sound interesting so looks like you have options and meanwhile enjoy your sight seeing with the family.

  4. Congratulations on the new job – and enjoy your moments of freedom before then!

  5. HN says:

    Good luck getting the job you want. Walking to work is a big plus.

  6. ulli says:

    What a wonderful time for you, GH: Family in Red Dot, free time, a new job…
    How hard was the life one year ago …
    I wish you all the best, GH

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