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And So The Story Goes #48

on December 18, 2016

It has been a cold bitter war between Mr EX and I over the last week.

The cause:-

Lies….all lies! Bah!

I hate people who lie.

It is a white lie if one lies to prevent hurting anyone.

But it is an unacceptable lie if one tries to lie and thinks he can get away with it…And So The Story Goes….#48

To rejolt your memories, MR EX had done a good deed for me by speaking up for me to land the job offered by Dragon Lady.

Regardless, Dragon Lady must take some credit for choosing me amongst many other contenders for the job.

But MR EX wants FULL CREDIT. This is his humility, post partum. He plays the “I am beholden to him card” and aargh I hate it!


“I spoke to Penny and vouch for you with my head and backside. The rest have to leave to 天意 (*heaven’s will)”


“There you go again! Whatever little thing you do for me, you must impress upon me to be wholly beholden to you! Never ever do you do anything altruistically! What about the tons of things I do to help you on the past? Have I clamoured for repayment?”


Don’t SMS anymore. I need brain juice and time to sell my backside and make $$ to pay wages this month.

I stuck out my neck for your next job. And I get Suan (*sarcasm from me). Life plays a bitter hand on me.”


There he goes with his lies that he is a struggling entrepreneur.


“Man with more than $15 million in properties and a trophy wife who gave you assets…bitter hand? Seriously”


I had bumped into his circle of friends and they updated him on his wealth status. They tend to do so when they see me as if I had a sign on my face which said “update me on Mr EX’s wealth thermometer!” So with this, I knew Mr EX was not as poor and struggling as he always make it out to be for my benefit!


“Why lie you suffering and struggling each month when sources tell me you are rich and that whenever you travel you buy heartshaped things for your trophy wife. So, you ain’t poor?!”


“My family. Not mine”


“You silly or what?! Family means it is yours right? So what the heck you talking about?!”


Shit! I should have just kept my mouth shut and focused on my storm.”


His “storm” is always his war cry for funds he is chasing.


“I have got an interview with Holy people on Tuesday. Sources tell me you have influence in Godliness circle.”




“Reverends and bishops lah. You pagan biblical phrase spouter and macam (*Slang for akin, like or equivalent to) super fake deliverer of godliness.”




“IF i become any priestly holiness, I’d exorcise the demons in you. If i become monk then like tua ya peh (*God of Hades), cut your tongue for lying to me😉 – tok kong right? U better atone for ur sins 😆- Since you are rich you get me a floral bouquet of sunflowers”


“If you believe me, you’ll believe anything, ignoramus!”


“AAAH so you admit that you have been lying to me all this while – I am not ignoramus. Intellectual as I now achieve nirvana on you”

Silence ensued… .with his final reply to my appeal for his intercession with Holy people as..


“Help you not enough aah?”


“Of course must help. Since you always purport loving, giving, sharing as your company motto! Since you are so magnaminous…help!


Of course he will not. MR EX is reknowned for milking people of their help and feelings. Once he gets what he wants, he discards. The reason why we are still in communication or as they say not yet “ex communicated” is because I am of material worth to him. Of financial or material or fame benefit. He hounds me when he wants favors or business contacts.

This reminds me why I can never marry this guy or be with him as he does not give a true self and half the things he does or say are untruths.

And so the story goes….


9 responses to “And So The Story Goes #48

  1. i think it is all banter, and should be taken as such. it is still nice of him to vouch for you to dragon lady. but since there are no ideal bosses, (except maybe working for yourself), i should think dragon lady will be also a challenge as a boss. hope u get along with her better than your previous one.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      I do agree with you that Dragon Lady will be a challenge and I do hope that I can work with her. As for Mr EX, I leave it as it is. Happy Sunday to you and Simon 😊

      • i think u must be enjoying this christmas period,it’s a long break for you before u start work, a chance to relax and enjoy this relative freedom from work. the lights they put up for christmas is very cheerful. maybe not so much needed in singapore because u have lots of sunshine, but here in uk where the nights are long, it is very nice and gives off a festive air.

        • Garfield Hug says:

          I can imagine. It is always charming to see lights in the cold wintry air instead of lights in the sweltering heat, adding more heat ha ha! For you, lights are warming in the cold. I like it. Ha ha

  2. You know what it is.. you didn’t want to marry him but he still wants to try and exercise some control over your life…he strikes me as the sort of man who would choose his wife’s outfit to go to an event!

  3. Neethu says:

    Whoooaa…I was looking out for a mention of “the backside”😉😂😂
    Though he seems a bit irritating,he’s kind enough to recommend you..😎

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