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‘Tis Night Before Christmas…

on December 25, 2016

Bro in law’s flight was delayed and we had Christmas Eve dinner with mum, dad, sis, nephew and I.

It was sis’ turn to shout for a meal and she took us to NUSS Guildhouse Club.

Name of the Restaurant is “Scholar’s Restaurant” aptly named as this was a club for members of National University of Singapore graduates and affiliates.

I did not join this club as it was located way too far off the beaten track and I felt the number of times I would patronize the club would far be lesser than the merits of paying for club dues.

We had Peking Duck and after the skin was eaten up in wrap fashion, the duck carcass was stewed in Japanese seaweed doufu and shitake mushrooms with sugar peas.(*forgot to take a photo of it as the birf was carved away from our dining table)

For starters we had watercress double boiled with pork ribs. (*forgot to take a photo as too busy tearing through duck like cave man!)

Below Pork Ribs cooked in coffee sauce.

String beans with mince pork.

Dessert was red bean paste pancake

We were too stuffed to eat the stewed duck and that was doggie bagged home and merrily sitting in my fridge.

No Christmas is complete without Log Cake or Yule Log…at home after!


3 responses to “‘Tis Night Before Christmas…

  1. Neethu says:

    Wow the dishes look yumm…Glad your having a nice time..😊

  2. ulli says:

    You’re meals are always fascinating, GH.
    Good appetite

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