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And So The Story Goes #49

on December 28, 2016

Mr EX has been silent all over Christmas period, till my phone rang this afternoon when I was trying to nap.

He wanted to know if I was accepting the job offer of Dragon Lady.

It would seem he had finished celebrating Christmas with his family and he realised “oops! Forgot to check in on Garfield Hug!”

I feel so “used” and that he is a selfish person!


“I am considering options. I have another invitation to an interview at “Dying” who called me today.


“Holy people” how? Why are you still looking? I stuck my neck out for you.”


“I am sick at home. My fever is raging at 38.6C”


I had to be selfish for self as I want best options considering the awful Electrical Lord I had. Dragon Lady was to me, like a similar pot of dramas awaiting me. My fear! Mr EX has to give me time to consider all options that come my way. He does not understand and got upset with me. I disliked him trying to force his will on me and that I must be beholden to him!


“Did you see the doctor?”


I doubted Mr EX cared. He asked for the sake of asking and I know it. So I needled him. He did nor offer to take me to the doctor.


“So are you calling to make time for sick Garfield?”


“When you stop throwing your trantrums, I may find  peace, fortitude and resilience to have tea with you. Working now”



“Joking la! Typhoons”


“Typhoons occur when hot air collides with cold air. So you stop blowing hot air (*pretending to care) and cold air (*nonchalance and uncaring)”


“Man who pats your horse’ flatulence is not worth the gas”

MR EX has now effectively riled me! What the heck is he talking about?


“For once, can you not speak simply. You feel unappreciated? Or my gas deserves a better man than you?”

“Your gas will always man or beast near, far, or afar . 

Last message. 

Some men have to work”


Clueless and I was tired and agitated as his English made no sense. So I re-forwarded his message telling him it was incomplete and made no sense.


“Working n not thinking are not mutually exclusive”

His usual crap about busy working.

Grrr!! I hate it when he gives me meangingless messages.

I am reminded why I did not end up with him!! Grr!


12 responses to “And So The Story Goes #49

  1. scifihammy says:

    Good to have two job options to consider 🙂
    And Mr Ex should be nicer when you are so poorly!
    Get better soon 🙂

  2. Neethu says:


  3. Oh no! Don’t be ill please! Plenty of fluids, try an increase of Vitamin C…
    Hmm, Ex is not being helpful. Send him a really random reply like…”the yellow horse will only eat cucumber..”
    Fingers still crossed re:job offers. I hope you get an amazing deal 🙂 xx

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Hi hi! Thanks for the random reply. Ex is an idiot. I have been dosing up on Vit C. I feel awful really. Hacking up furballs like Garfield if it was alive ha ha! 😥😷🤕Have a good day & hope you are prepared for NY2017!😊

      • Yes Ex doesn’t strike me as a helpful chap…
        Are you having plenty of fluids? Can you take echinecea (not sure how to spell it) but it can help support the immune system to get rid of colds..
        Another random reply
        ” Gerbils often live with knitting needles..” Just put really annoying things and blame it on auto-correct 🙂 x

  4. Hilarious … though of course not at all funny, you have my sympathies, etc … but you do write amusingly!

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