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Bunsy Bakes

on January 4, 2017

My classmate has started a new project to sell freshly baked home made walnut bread.

I have been classmates with her since primary 4 all the way up to Secondary 4 or in US system it would be Grade 10.

I am happy she has this home project going to keep busy with her daughter.

Each loaf costs $15 each and it is a densely packed heavy bread filled with walnuts.

Walnuts are healthy brain food and the ones I get from Sunshine (*mass produced bread) has some walnut in it, not chokeful. So, I think this is a worthy find to chomp on and not feel guilty! 😉

So this is a nice find and a treat especially eaten lightly toasted with butter or honey.

My German bro in law taught me a German way of eating bread. 

He suggested putting on a layer of emmenthal cheese, followed by  butter and a sourish marmalade (*quince) or raspberry spread…he said it would be scrumptious! 

So if you are Singaporean and reading this….and want to give Bunsy Bake a try…call them at the number given.

Happy healthy eating and enjoy!

*photos are courtesy of Bunsy Bakes

All the best Bunsy Bakes…..congratulations on your new project and spreading good healthy breads to consumers.


4 responses to “Bunsy Bakes

  1. Looks really nice-good luck to her! 🙂

  2. Great idea! Best wishes to her. 🙂

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