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If I Had 3 Wishes…

on January 4, 2017

Christmas has packed its bags and come 5th January 2017, all the eggnogg and pine needles would have dropped off the face of earth till the next yuletide season comes. 

I am oh so deprived of no more Santa jokes for the year.

Still, if I had the naivete of kids and innocence of childhood, I would like to write a Dear Santa letter that reads,

“Dear Santa,

Sorry for my tardiness but I hope you and Mrs Claus are both well.

I don’t usually make Christmas wishes as I am afraid to believe.

You see, all my Christmases of past have made me a guest at Bates Motel.

I would prefer Conrad Centennial Hotel really and the room rates are a heck of a lot cheaper at SGD300 a night compared to Bates Motel that charges me SGD1,000 a night.

Plus, I do not get to sleep properly as the nightingales there tend to poke and prod me like a turkey to see if I am “cooked” every now and then.

This year 2016 was no different. Well actually slightly different. I did not get to check in at Bates Motel but you see Santa, my lungs are dusty and it ended up making me stay home. This was not the ideal circumstance I wanted as post work break! 

Christmas was pretty much a wash out plus I could not do the things I had planned to do.

As for the year… was not at all fine. 

I had to deal with the worst of people and I swear, I have never cussed so much as I did this 2016.

Things change. People change. So did Mr EX. If only he could search deep in his heart to be open, honest and truthful.

So, if I could be considered for 3 wishes, my wishes would be:

Wish 1

Grant me good health such that my bones feel less pain and I stop falling ill all the time. To be painless would be a miracle and I know it is tough to ask for miracles. I have pulled self to work always despite pain and illness. I never let it get me. 

Wish 2

Give me a good work environment that empowers me and not humiliate me. A boss that is decent and kind hearted to employees. We are all, afterall mere minions!

Wish 3

Guide Mr EX to find his true self. Ask him to stop lying to himself and others. Guide him to face his many issues and the grace to be humble, less arrogant and stop doing things to elicit self elevation onto a pedestal for others to think they met “God” or a living Buddha. He needs a true friend, not for his money but for who and what he is.

If it is not too much to ask, can you possibly make all this happen.

I am tired. 

Tired of medicines.

Tired of pain.

Tired of disappointment.

Thank you.

My best wishes to you and Mrs Claus and the elves that work tirelessly in North Pole.


I am not putting milk and Oreo cookies for you. You need to go on a diet as lil red dot is waging war on diabetes😉

Stay healthy Santa!

Yours truly,

Garfield Hug”


2 responses to “If I Had 3 Wishes…

  1. I think they are pretty reasonable wishes and if I could I would grant them for you…:) x

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