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Thursday Job Interview

on January 5, 2017

My interview with the “Dying People” went well today.

It seems the divine Gods knew I was rather ill and voiceless, they gave me an extra 2 days to rest!

The head honcho is a lovely and honest lady. She did not mind my hoarse voice and made me feel very welcome.

Her honesty went on to share how difficult a particular committee member is and that person makes her working life a living hell! This person is a micro manager! So, the point she made is that if I am hired, then I will be interfacing with Micro Manager.

It seems Micro Manager drove my predecessor to resign as she landed up in A&E for high blood pressure brought on by Micro Manager! Her health caused her to resign.

I do empathise with my predecessor as I had the same experience with Electrical Lord. Bullies and awful bosses are the worst.

Aargh…what with Dragon Lady and potentially Micro Manager if I get the job offer from “Dying People” may be a choice between the devils.

Unfortunately the “Holy People” has slipped into silence and so, I may not have been successful there.

HmmπŸ€” guess I have to work with Dragon Lady for now. If I make it to round 2 for “Dying People”, I still have an option to consider.

Oh, by the way…the names have been changed to protect the “uninnocent” ha ha! 

Given a choice, I would love to name and shame Electrical Lord so that others like me would not opt to work for this bully!😜

Ahh well…perhaps it is divine deities wanting me to endure and suffer?

Onward ho…..I guess..cheers to more lemons potentially coming my way at workπŸ˜‰


7 responses to “Thursday Job Interview

  1. HN says:

    Happy New Year GH. Enjoy your 2 weeks of freedom until you start working with Dragon Lady. Hopefully something better will come along soon.

  2. Still keeping fingers crossed…sending MASSIVE wave of healing thoughts and positive energy your way too πŸ™‚
    *ordinary hugs because I can’t do Garfield hugs*

  3. scifihammy says:

    Here’s hoping you get a reasonable boss, wherever you decide to work. So annoying that there is always One in the work place who makes life miserable for the rest.

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