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Work Starts….11 Jan 2017

on January 8, 2017

A new chapter and a new beginning starts for me this Wednesday.

Having had 2 nasty ex employers, I am apprehensive and mindful that not all people are bad except that they keep coming my way at work!

Dragon Lady’s right hand woman has flown the coop before I even enter.

I wonder why?

I am unsure if the flow chart below will be my case?

I can picture Dragon Lady at the top of her throne.

I am unsure if her right hand woman had a car plate that screams…

I must stay positive as they say…

To begin the new week, my trusty Dr James sent me this video clip below.

For all the lemons that came my way….maybe good…maybe badπŸ˜‰

Dr James is a devout catholic and he still holds it in his heart to have me one day walk back into church.

I wonder if πŸ€”last rites and funeral mass countsπŸ˜‰

Having said all that, I may be hurting physically…hands are stiff, left leg spine to foot hurts like walking on nails, left arm hurts, both thighs hurt…sheesh everything hurts but hey…if I can feel it then I am alive…whoopee!

My diet continues…happy sunday folks and laugh!


5 responses to “Work Starts….11 Jan 2017

  1. scifihammy says:

    Good Luck with your new venture. All you can do is try. πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Sunday! (Or ironing day as it should be called..) yes I hope you get on all right. Think positively-anyone has to be better than E L. πŸ™‚ xx

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